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During the Song Dynasty, the enemy invaded the army. General Huyanbao divided his soldiers into five lines to resist the enemy. After fighting for several days, the song soldiers of the four lines fought to a draw with the enemy and the two sides were tied.However, the other army is gradually not support, this team is led by the general Song Jingzhong team, it was about to be wiped out, Song Jingzhong then led the remnants of the army defeated and fled.When the whole line was routed, the enemy troops had a breakthrough and burst their banks. The other lines of the Song army could no longer support them and retreated together.The Song army retreated hundreds of li before holding back and resting.At this battle, the good situation of the Song army was destroyed. Hu Yanbao was sitting in his tent with a blue face. All the generals were afraid to speak out.After a while, Hu Yanbao raised his hand and clapped his hands like a bolt from the blue. He said without a word, “Push Song Jingzhong out and behead him!”Several soldiers and Han rushed forward and tied up Song Jingzhong, pushing him to go outside the big tent.Song Jingzhong shouted: “General Huyan, the enemy is too strong for me to withstand!”With a stern face, Hu Yanbao shouted, “Can’t resist?Then you should have died on the battlefield. How can you come back in disgrace?”At this time, Shi Zaiwei, the other commander, pleaded for Song jingzhong: “Victory or defeat is a common thing for soldiers. I hope General Huyan can forgive me…”Before Shi zaiwei finished speaking, Hu Yanbao waved his hand and said firmly, “The situation is like this. Every battle is a battle of life and death. We must fight to the death.Jun Han did not dare to neglect, pushing Song Jingzhong to go.At that moment, I suddenly saw dust flying in the distance, blocking the sky and the sun. It turned out that the enemy was coming.The Song army rushed into battle and was in chaos.Those soldiers and Han also did not care about Song Jingzhong and ran away.Song Jingzhong froze for a while and suddenly woke up: MY life should not be absolutely, what are you waiting for, run!Song Jingzhong by disorderly escape, he ran all the way, one breath ran to the pig ridge.Then he saw that the place was good, so he stayed, opened an inn, and began to live under an assumed name.Three years passed quickly.This day, the inn came to a merchant dressed up, carrying a parcel in the hand, bulging.Song Jingzhong thought that it must be gold and silver treasure, hit the merchant’s idea.But that person is very alert, always does not leave the room half step, the big bundle always holds in the hand, song Jingzhong cannot start at all.No way, he had to use a ruthless move, a fire will be on fire, loudly call: “not good, quick fire ah!”At this shout, the inn people rose from their sleep, hurry to put out the fire.Song Jingzhong’s eyes stared at the guest room of that merchant, but no matter how noisy outside, that guest room still did not have a movement.Song Jingzhong was anxious and knocked the door of the guest room loudly: “Fire!”At first, the man did not respond, but seeing song Jingzhong Shouting anxiously, he roared: “Your house is on fire. What do I have to do with it? Don’t bother me!”Song Jingzhong was half dead with anger, but could not force himself to come, so he had to leave angrily.The next day the guest picked up his bundle and set out on his way.Song Jingzhong quietly followed out of the inn, copied the past from a path, to the intersection, he ambushed down.Before long, that merchant carrying a big burden came over, Song Jingzhong brandish guy, cold to the merchant pounced on the past.Do not think that merchant was very alert, a sideways let, even away.Song Jingzhong attacked one after another. Although the man was clever, he was inferior to Song Jingzhong in martial arts. He could only parried but had no power to fight back, so he was always underpowered and finally knocked to the ground by Song Jingzhong.Song Jingzhong picked up the bundle, untangled a look, stunned, what is gold and silver treasure, this is a bloody head, and then look, this head is the song Dynasty general Huyanbao!Song Jingzhong put his foot on the merchant’s head and shouted, “Who are you and who killed General Huyan?”The man spat mud out of his mouth and said, “Brother, you just want to rob some money, don’t you?It’s a piece of cake. If we have a human head, we can go to receive untold treasure and be awarded official titles and titles.””The enemy put a huge price on General Huyan’s head, but they couldn’t get it. How did you hurt the general?”The man said that he had been a spy of the enemy and had been hiding for many years before he had a chance to take huyanbao’s head.The man said to Song jingzhong, “If you let me go, we’ll go and get the reward together!”Hearing this, Song Jingzhong was very angry. He swung his weapon around and hit the man over the head. After hitting him several times, he stopped and said, “You spy, I can’t let you off like this.Two people are pulling, suddenly a team of song soldiers ran over from afar, instantly arrived at the eyes, “crash” will two people around in the middle.Song soldiers immediately found Huyanbao’s head and shouted: “Found General Huyan, found General Huyan!”Then they knelt down in front of Huyanbao’s head, crying.The leader of the Song soldiers waved his big knife and said to the soldiers: “Tie these two spies to me!”The soldiers rushed forward and bound the merchant together with Song Jingzhong.Song Jingzhong struggled and shouted, “Let me go! I am arresting this spy!”Before he finished speaking, the merchant also shouted: “Joke, he is the spy, I found he killed General Huyan, so I stopped him here!This thief is really fierce, I can not beat him, just you came, this is good!”This guy actually turned the tables and accused Song Jingzhong.The song commander did not listen to anyone and ordered, “Go back to the main camp!”To the song army camp, that head into the big account report, a moment, he came out again, a shout, song Jingzhong and merchants pushed in.Song Jingzhong walked into the tent and looked up. What was sitting in the middle was none other than Shi Zaiwei!Shi Zweiwei fixed his eyes and was surprised to see song Jingzhong.Song Jingzhong was so happy that he thought it was easy to talk, so he took his time and said it again.When Shi Zaiwei heard this, he sneered and gnashed his teeth, saying, “Good song Jingzhong, you are still telling me stories!I was wrong about you, you are such a evil person!It is true that General Huyan has made some mistakes on you, but the enemy is at present and military orders are not strict.After so many years, you still have a grudge. You carried General Huyan’s head to the north. Did you join the enemy long ago?”Song Jingzhong was so frightened that he was tongue-tied and speechless. Shi Zaiwei waved his hand and said, “What else is there to say? Isn’t it very clear?Now I will sacrifice your head to General Huyan!”The whole Song camp all dressed in mourning, huyanbao held a grand memorial ceremony.Several soldiers marched Song Jingzhong to Huyanbao’s coffin and prepared to execute him.Song Jingzhong shouted at Shi Zaiwei, “General Shi, I have been wronged. The man I arrested was the one who really killed General Huyan. He was the real spy!”But now Shi was still listening to him in Willard, “humph” and said: “You deserve to die, beheaded!”As the slasher swung the ghosthead broadsword, he saw a flash of silver light, and immediately blood splashed on the ground.Then, strange things happened, Song Jingzhong’s blood spilled on the ground, slowly flowing up, and finally condensed into a “Song” word, red, particularly striking!Song bing all be frightened and pale, then whisper, all feel this thing is strange enough.Shi Zaiwei also wondered: Was General Huyan really not the victim of song Jingzhong?So he immediately ordered that the merchant be carefully looked at and examined again, before he issued his orders.Shi couldn’t sleep well for several nights after he beheaded Song Jingzhong.One day, he was lying in bed in a daze when Song Jingzhong opened the door and came in. Shi was so startled that he sat up in bed and said, “Aren’t you dead?”Song Jingzhong slowly walked up to Shi Zaiwei and whispered, “Brother Wei, don’t be afraid. I have an unfinished wish. Only when brother Wei completes it for me can I leave!”Shi Zaiwei said: “What wish? Tell me and I will listen to you!”Song Jingzhong said: “SINCE I was punished by General Huyan, I have been unable to serve my country.I have been running the Inn for three years, and I have tried to make money from it whenever there is a rich man to stay here. I have saved a lot of money and I am determined to pay the Song Army. You must help me to fulfill my long-cherished wish!”Then, Song Jingzhong said the specific address.Shi Zaiwei was surprised and woke up from his dream. He felt something strange was going on. The next morning, he personally took people to zhutou Ling Inn.On one side of the cellar wall were carved words: Song Army pay collection office!Author: Liu Xuezhu THE END