Warm heart materials have been delivered a little truth warm childlike innocence

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The Spring Festival is coming. In order to make left-behind children enjoy a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, The president of Maon Women’s Federation visited suoziyuan village and Hamtou Village in recent days to visit children from poor families and left-behind children, and sent 20 children school supplies and living materials, as well as warmth and care.Chen Zixuan is ten years old. After her parents divorced, she lived with her mother all the time.Grandma is old, long sick, take care of Zixuan is very difficult.The group asked in detail about the daily life of Zixuan, learning, encourage her to study well, as soon as possible, also bless their family happy New Year.Ma ‘on Township will continue to pay attention to the vulnerable groups and children from difficult families, and earnestly do a good job in the rural children with difficulties.Hanchuan rong media correspondent Zheng Yali