Spring Festival to go grass-roots | stay yong Happy New Year more civilized travel into the fashion

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Nanning cloud – Nanning News (reporter Luo Zhujun) The Spring Festival holiday has been half, with the warm weather, nanning scenic spots welcomed a large number of tourists, scenic spots in the premise of epidemic prevention and control, launched a number of exciting activities, let the citizens in the thick flavor of the Spring Festival.Although the tourist flow is large, the environment is clean and orderly, showing a new fashion of civilized travel everywhere.The second phase of the three streets and two lanes, which was just opened before the Spring Festival, attracted many citizens to stop and visit with famous historical landmarks such as cangximen Gate Tower and water Tower foot.”Hello, I am a cultural tourism volunteer of three streets and two lanes. I can explain the cultural history of the scenic spot for you for public benefit.”Amid the hustle and bustle, volunteer guides smile as they serve visitors.Volunteer Xiao Li told reporters: “Now the Spring Festival is not just for fun, but also want to take this opportunity to learn more about history and experience the cultural atmosphere, so we are happy to be able to explain the service for everyone.”When it comes to cultural travel, Nanning Museum is one of the most popular “punch cards”.During the Spring Festival, Nanning Museum launched a variety of online and offline activities to introduce the history and culture of the hometown, adding a strong “cultural flavor” to the Spring Festival.”On the third day of the Chinese New Year, AFTER visiting relatives, I took my children to Nanning Museum to experience the culture and history, especially the traditional experience of making sugar figures. The children were particularly interested in the experience, and they could see and eat it. They were most impressed by it.Citizens Mr Lin told reporters.In nanning Museum, traditional snacks such as sugar figs are popular. The glorious spring scenery is a good time to go for an outing. In Jiangnan Park, there are groups of citizens enjoying spring.Delicate signs in the flower beds remind visitors to pay attention to their behavior and share the beauty of spring.Although they are outdoors, tourists insist on wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, and take away their garbage in a timely manner, which shows that the civilized quality of tourists is further improved.In the numerous joyous atmosphere, there will still be some uncivilized and disharmonious pictures:Some people still lie down indecent on public seats and take off their shoes at will. Confews of fruit peels and empty beverage bottles are thrown on the ground and lawn at will. Some tourists ignore the warm warning sign of “No climbing” and let their children step on the fence to enjoy the scenery.Jiangnan park rare have waste such as paper, cigarette ends, people comfortable leisure public rest on a bench citizens randomly take off their shoes uncivilized phenomenon Civilization travel civilization is not only the individual citizens accomplishment, also is the window of the urban civilization degree, creating the atmosphere of civilization travel and green healthy living environment, need everyone work together.We hope that all citizens can set an example, keep civilization in mind, put it into action, and make civilized behavior the most beautiful scenery.Editor: Liang Liling On duty Editor: Lu Chao (author: Luo Zhujun, Lu Sitong)