Look at spring plums and wax plums in the same frame at this time of year, and these flowers can be enjoyed

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The temperature is still low in Yangzhou after the start of Spring.But after all, the solar term arrived, many flowers have opened, let a person feel the breath of spring.There are more than 10 kinds of flowers in full bloom this February, among which spring plum and wax plum are the most popular.Interestingly, because of the special weather in this winter, the wax plum period was delayed, and many places appeared the scene of wax plum and spring plum in the same frame.Spring plums are in full bloom one after another in Yangzhou after the start of spring every year.Spring plums in February are very popular in Yangzhou.The blooming of spring plum also means the arrival of spring.At this time of year, as long as the weather is fine, yangzhou’s spring plum resorts are always crowded.”Remote knowledge is not snow, for there is a hidden fragrance.”Spring plums in Yangzhou are in full bloom.There are more than 400 varieties of spring plum in China. It is not necessary for ordinary people to know their varieties.If you want to know the species of spring plum, it is easiest to know its strain.Spring plum is divided into true plum, apricot plum and cherry plum.The so-called true plum lines simply mean that they are real plum blossoms, selected from the wild.Apricot plum is a hybrid of apricot and spring plum.Cherry plum is a hybrid of purple plum and spring plum.The varieties of true plum were the most abundant. The most common varieties in Yangzhou were palace powder and cinnabar, while the rare ones were green sepal plum.The number of apricot plums in Yangzhou is also low, mainly distributed in thin West Lake.Cherry plum system is the most common beauty plum, its flowering period is the latest, is “beauty comes late”.Spring plums are in full bloom, and wax plums are in full bloom.This winter’s wax plum, due to the impact of temperature, the flowering delay, only now is in full bloom.There are also many varieties of wax plum, and the winter plum flower color golden flowers, high ornamental.In Yangzhou, many places have both wax plum and spring plum, such as the Memorial hall of The History of Kefa. Therefore, there are many places with wax plum and spring plum in the same frame this year, which is worth paying attention to.Now there are these flowers can appreciate in addition to wax plum and spring plum, this time, there are other flowers in full bloom, such as mountain tea, beauty tea, tea plum, knot incense, winter jasmine, magnolia and so on.Camellia, or flower buds, have been gestation all winter, but they don’t begin to bloom until February and don’t reach full bloom until March or April.Camellia sinensis is an important flower shrub in Yangzhou, with large flowers, bright colors and long flowering period. Therefore, camellia sinensis is praised as “the only durable camellia sinensis that can penetrate deep into the spring breeze.”The leaves of beauty tea can be used as both tea and ornamental plants.Compared to camellia (both of which are members of the camellia family), beauty tea is more hardy.Because of its cold resistance, beauty tea is now in full bloom.Tea plum, from last year’s late autumn has been blooming to the present, the flowering period lasts a long time.However, the plant of tea plum is relatively short, and the color is mostly red.Fragrance, branches can tie flowers, in yangzhou garden, fragrance is tied by tourists a lot of knots.In fact, the knot is not at any time can be tied, the best is in the spring when the branches are soft knot.Knot fragrant flower petal is like small wine cup, flower is in full bloom, flower tube inside golden.Winter jasmine has been in full bloom, in caohe scenic belt, Pingshantang Road and other places, winter jasmine has entered its full bloom.When the temperature comes up, the primrose will burst.Magnolia, most of which bloom in March, but a few early flowers bloom in February.Reporter xiangjiafu article/picture statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com