I have been working for the Spring Festival. Anshan Traffic Police have committed themselves to the mission of working hard to build peace

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“Reunion is the expectation of relatives, and peace is the blessing of traffic police.”To ensure smooth city road traffic safety during the Spring Festival, let people can live a safe and peaceful, tenant anshan city public security bureau strictly implement all measures to Spring Festival transportation security, completes the key sections, easy blocking points, tourist attractions, business complex surrounding road traffic persuation and ShuDu bao chang and traffic accident rapid disposal of the work,Go all out to “prevent accidents, ensure safety, ensure smooth”, for the city’s people to celebrate the Spring Festival, safe travel to create a good road traffic environment.Led down a line of compaction work responsibility to develop targeted and effectiveness of the service mode, according to the principle of “division is responsible for the packages, divided, leadership sinking line supervision order of accident prevention and control, control and command guidance, organ superposition of police on duty, to promote the implementation of security measures to be born, largest traffic security force.Cohesion source governance to strengthen comprehensive control power source management, effectively guard against resolving security risks in the field of road traffic safety, to strengthen the focus on comprehensive control, road vehicles domain hidden perils in safety, strengthen the key time, key sections, focused on the patrol control models, at the “two guest a crisis”, van key vehicles, tricycles, motorcycles, etc,We will strictly investigate and punish serious traffic violations, such as drunk driving, licensing, overloading and overloading, and illegal carrying of passengers, and maintain a high pressure and strict control posture to resolutely prevent road traffic accidents.Combined with the combination of fixed and patrol, the explicit police should be strengthened to improve the police rate and the charge rate of road surface.The system of appointing persons, locating persons and assigning responsibilities has been implemented to strengthen the dredging of key sections prone to traffic jams, to persuade obvious minor traffic violations, and to deploy more police to control intersections and direct vehicles to pass in an orderly manner, so as to ensure that road traffic is safe, orderly and smooth.Outbreak of epidemic prevention and control of enhancing defense adhere to the “keep a door, a city people” principle, established high-speed intersection and the main road traffic and epidemic prevention card points, implements 24 hour on-duty system, every car will be checked, to ensure implementation of prevention and control measures to be born, with practical action to build a road, peace festival for zhuhai people’s life and health.Every ordinary stick to, is to better and family reunion.The anshan traffic police will continue to abide by its original aspiration and bear in mind its mission, with the strong spirit of strong riring and vigorous pioneering work, the fighting spirit of being brave and resolute, and the selfless dedication of the family and country, they will not stop to protect the safety of the people.Anshan traffic police wish the city’s people year of the Tiger exhibition grand forward All fu Road END source: Anshan public Security