Yunnan Public Security: Spring Festival Logs of Honghe Traffic Police

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New Year’s Eve, the last day of the Year of the Ox, is a traditional Chinese festival. It symbolizes reunion and harmony.On this day, it can be said that it is the most important day of the year for Chinese people. When relatives return home, the busy pace of the whole year stops and families gather together to have a night talk around the stove, even staying up all night.There is such a “double police couple”, they are The Traffic police brigade of Jinping County Public Security Bureau auxiliary Police Bai Suzhen, and her husband of The border management brigade of Jinping County, Honghe Prefecture, very bad at the border checkpoint Deng Jinxin, they both shift, “reunion” at work.In this reunion festival, the Red River traffic police did not eat a full table of delicacies made by their families, but there are delicious meals prepared by the canteen, less warmth of the family, but more solidarity between comrades.”Spring Festival I am on duty” is not only a slogan, but also a “charge call” to the front line. After hurriedly eating the New Year’s Eve dinner of the Traffic police, the Red River traffic police rushed to the front line to guard the Safe road on the New Year’s Eve. In the sound of firecrackers, the post ushered in the Year of The Yin Tiger of Ren.On the first day of the Chinese New Year (February 1), the Chinese traditional festival — Spring Festival, people began to go out for fun. As usual, the holiday is the busiest day for the traffic police, with a sudden increase in traffic flow. Honghe traffic police are busy on every road under their jurisdiction.”Riding motorcycles, electric cars don’t overload the overcrowding, riding electric cars behind the friend, would you please get off”, “car friend, don’t talking on the phone while driving,” distraction is not security, mengzi traffic police use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) propaganda for violation of traffic rules of driving and pedestrians to the scene to persuade, to channel of important traffic intersection, let people refreshing at the same time,It has gained the understanding and support of the broad masses.They have also encountered drivers who have had accidents on the road.Duan driving a small car, driving to mengzi City Galaxy Road and Guanlan road intersection, and li driving a small car collision, causing varying degrees of damage to the two cars.After the accident the police, traffic accident fast in fast compensate temporary service personnel rushed to the scene to guide the parties to use “12123” traffic APP quickly compensate way to deal with accidents, shooting photos and fixed evidence, any vehicles will be transferred to the fast approaching compensate center, center for vehicle after receiving report by instant fee of insurance company, the traffic police instant proportional amount, instant settlement,Its fast, convenient and efficient accident handling has been widely recognized and praised by both parties involved in the accident, effectively relieving the pressure of traffic jams during the Spring Festival.On the second day of the lunar New Year (Feb 2), while wishing each other “Gong Xi fa CAI bao”, some people got a pair of “silver bracelets” for their “ability”.At 21 o ‘clock on the same day, the hekou traffic police in binhe Road Beishan gas station section to carry out drunken driving night check action, Li drunk driving two wheels of a motorcycle to the duty point, in order to avoid the inspection, the card will be on duty police knocked down after escape, causing a police leg bruise.Hekou police quickly launched the arrest of the suspect, in the next morning at 0:07, in a bar in hekou will be the suspect Li arrested successfully.At present, the suspect Li mou has been detained by the Public Security Bureau of Hekou County for the crime of assaulting police, and the case is being investigated further.On the third day of the Chinese New Year (February 3), the travel rate of the masses reached the highest peak. Scenic spots such as Jinping Mountain, Taiping Lake and Zhihua Town in the state ushered in “full”, dreading traffic, pushing cars, helping children find their parents, and finding the owner of the wallet they found…Shu shu is really busy.Mengzi traffic police brigade auxiliary police Shi Xiaoji in nanhu North Road experimental middle school intersection traffic, suddenly a face of tears to get the little boy across the road, Shi Xiaoji immediately stopped it, the little boy cried:”Can’t find dad,” ShiXiaoJi appease boy mood while asking, the little boy learned that he and his father’s name and home address, and in a timely manner and the precinct for police, through many find finally contacted the little boy family, the boy’s family received little boy repeatedly expressed gratitude to the traffic police,Then she took the little boy and went home happily.In yilong Lake Wetland Park, a tourist surnamed Shen from Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, handed over a wallet he found to shiping traffic police on duty, hoping they could help find the owner.Shiping traffic police through multiple search, and eventually found the owner of Mr. He.Mr. He repeatedly expressed his gratitude to the police, at the same time, Mr. He hoped that the traffic police help contact Mr. Shen picked up the wallet, to express his gratitude.Mr. Shen, Shiping traffic police, jiaxing, Zhejiang returned the wallet to Mr. He, the owner of the breakfast?Chinese food?Dinner?I didn’t know which meal to count, on the bus or on the roadside. I just knew to “deal with” it and get back to work as soon as possible.The 24th Winter Olympic Games kicked off in Beijing on The fourth day of the Lunar New Year (Feb 4), coinciding with the start of Spring, China’s solar term.Honghe traffic police still stick to their posts, protecting the people’s Spring Festival travel safe road at the same time, but also with the highest standards, the most strict measures, the most thorough deployment, to minimize risks, eliminate hidden dangers, for the Winter Olympics during the road safety, smooth contribution to their own strength, and the motherland, together to the future.The fifth of the year (February 5) highway traffic jam?”Id card, health code, travel code show me!”It turned out that traffic police and staff from other departments at the epidemic prevention and control point were taking temperature measurements, scanning codes and registering relevant information of passing drivers and passengers.Epidemic prevention and control is one of the most important tasks of honghe Traffic police during the Spring Festival travel rush and The Spring Festival. I don’t know where you are coming from and where you are going. Let’s stop and wait.On the sixth day of the Chinese New Year (February 6), the balance of the Spring Festival holiday is insufficient, so the return journey has entered the peak. Please know the weather condition in advance before the return journey, and avoid the congested road and the wrong peak and time to return.During the return trip, honghe traffic police will also do their best to ensure that the road traffic safety situation in the area continues to be stable and ensure that everyone can return smoothly.The “New Year flavor” of Honghe traffic police is to be busy, to stick to and to take responsibility for the safety and unblocked traffic of Honghe road in unknown for the safety and joy of the masses