Wenchang food and culture Festival is popular

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New client, the south China sea in hainan nets 27 January, the south China metropolis daily news (reporter Yueh-wern wu wen/figure) the Spring Festival is coming, wenchang WenCheng Town committee, township government sponsored wenchang festival attracted people from all over the world tourists, everyone gathered in the city purple bei cuisine street, total product “wenchang taste,” sharing “wenchang culture”.On the morning of January 27, reporters at the scene of the activity to see the crowds, a string of beaming red lanterns hanging high.In front of the Spring Festival couplets stand, calligraphers from wenchang Calligrapher’s Association write Spring Festival couplets on the spot, attracting many people to watch, competing to bring the good wishes of the New Year home.In the Spring Festival market, a wide variety of dried fruit sugar tea, Wenchang chicken, puqian dregs vinegar, Jinshan beef jerky, coconut products…Everything, attracted a lot of citizens tourists to visit, taste the food.The organizer of the event will continue to carry out the “People’s Great Stage” cultural benefit activity, which not only introduces wenchang local culture and scenic spots to the on-site visitors, but also provides a stage for the general public to show their talents and style, attracting many folk performing art lovers and teams to register for the event.”Chinese New Year is coming, and the food and culture festival is being held here. It’s very lively, with a wide range of things and affordable prices.”Wenchang citizen Ms Chen said happily.This activity is centered on the elements of “specialty, food and culture”, which is divided into four major themes: Spring Festival fair, rural fair, flower fair and food fair. It not only brings together the local flavor and specialty of each township, but also brings the classic food from all over the country to the market, including bright flowers and fragrant food.Citizens and tourists can taste the characteristic food of Wenchang in one stop shop, and buy the Spring Festival goods such as time-honored companion gifts, non-heritage products and local specialties with high quality guarantee and characteristics of Wenchang.The activities will continue to the Spring Festival to accompany tourists to enjoy the Happy Chinese New Year.Wenchang Municipal Party Committee publicity Department responsible person said that the 2022 Wenchang Food and Culture Festival will be the Spring Festival goods and Wenchang folk culture display integration, for the majority of citizens tourists to provide a centralized purchase of New Year goods, experience the culture of the year “one-stop” celebration platform, to meet the one-stop shopping needs of citizens tourists;At the same time, it also provides a standard display platform for a variety of intangible cultural heritage, increases consumers’ understanding and attention to wenchang’s culture, and promotes the integrated development of gourmet culture tourism.Responsible editor: Wei Xiaofan