Warmth continues on snow days!Changdong town visited the needy people

2022-05-19 0 By

Rustling winter, warm warmth.On January 29, nanchang saw a sudden drop in temperature, and the whole land was covered with snow.Braving the snow and the cold, Li Jianfeng, party secretary of Changdong Town, visited youkou Nursing home and Guangming Village to comfort the elderly and needy people, and sent them the care and warmth of the Party and the government, as well as New Year’s greetings and blessings.”It is snowing heavily today, and it has been cooling for several days. Please keep warm and take good care of your body.Let us know if you have any problems in your life.In each household, Li jianfeng talked with them cordially, asked them about their living conditions in detail, and told them to take precautions against the cold, add clothes in time, and try to avoid going out in heavy snow. In case of emergencies, they could contact the town Party Committee and government directly, and the town government would do its best to help them solve difficulties.At the same time, other disadvantaged people, disadvantaged Party members and disabled people in the area also received warm wishes from the winter.The eastern town of all the team members, the villages (communities), the secretary and village “two committees” team members and relevant departments of the unit, the town took home visits condolences and blessing into each difficult people, talking with them carefully and understand their production and living conditions, family income and expenditure, and so on and so forth and the existing difficulties, encourage them to build confidence, optimistic face, would care to the difficulties in the hearts of the masses.To cope with the extreme weather, rain and snow in the eastern town of snow for orders, full operation, the villages (r) cla and authority by goalkeeper disaster and disaster prevention and mitigation work situation report in time, strengthen the jurisdiction key sections, key site inspections to monitor, found the problem in a timely manner to eliminate potential safety problems, the warmth of the party and the government with practical action to the disadvantaged groups most in need of care,We ensured that poor families had enough food and clothing for the winter, and enjoyed peaceful holidays, creating a warm and harmonious atmosphere of a big family of poverty alleviation and assistance.