“Spring Goes to the grassroots” Jiuquan Public Security bureau: The thick smell of the New Year is sent to his heart

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On the day of family reunion, on the 192,000 square kilometers of land, the public security personnel of Jiuquan take responsibility and dedication spirit of “giving up the small family to care for everyone and the family is not round”, do not fear refinement and fearless test, dedicate the clearest love to the motherland and the most simple feelings to the people, and stick to their posts day and night.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, jiuquan Public Security Media went to the grassroots, listened to their stories, recorded their lives, and specially launched the series of “Spring Walking grassroots”.Thick flavor of the year into his heart, the cold wind, can not stop the pace of warm, cold winter, can not send care to cool the enthusiasm, filar silk care warm their hearts.Spring Festival is coming, the flavor of the year is getting stronger!The Hedong police Station of Guazhou County Public Security Bureau has carried out the activity of “one million police entering ten million police”. All the public security civilian auxiliary police stick to the front line and stage touching stories on ordinary posts, bringing one meter of sunshine and warmth to this winter.On the streets of Hedong Town, the policemen took rice, flour, oil, New Year’s couplets and other gifts to the people under their jurisdiction to send festival blessings.”The Spring Festival will soon be over, and we will care for and comfort the poor people, empty-nesters and left-behind children in the area. We will send New Year wishes to them, resolve conflicts and solve problems, and let the people in the area have a happy New Year.”Director Hao Xiaoxuan said.When he heard that the police would come to visit him, uncle Xie, an empty-nester, waited at his door early.”Come on in, it’s cold outside.”To see the arrival of the police, he greeted, while taking the police hand said: “you are so busy, but also to visit me, thank you very much the people’s police!””Old man, how is the body recently, we give you worship an early years!””Good!In jurisdictions elderly gentleman thank uncle home, police face to face, the corners and the big ye xie intimate conversation, ask about their recent living condition, to understand their difficulties in life, Hao Xiaoxuan introduction, big ye xie is a 70 – year – old empty nester family children work out for all the year round can’t go home, the old man alone at home all the year round,We come to visit the old people every festival.In the area of the people qian home, the police and qian family together with the word “fu”, hang lanterns, talk about family, talk about the truth, take a photo, send New Year greetings to each other, talking and laughing, highlighting the police family peace picture.”I am xiao Wang, auxiliary police officer of our district. This is my phone number. I have also set up a wechat group in our district.If you encounter difficulties in life, remember the first time to call this number.”Wang Xiaoyu gives her phone number to district masses Qian especially forbids her to find her whenever she is in trouble, the police station does her best to help her.”Zi Chen, are you good at home?Did you listen to your grandparents?”Subsequently, police station police came to the area left behind children Gao Zichen home.Police Li Yingke introduced, 5-year-old Zi Chen is a big class in the children, with grandparents living together, parents divorced, father year-round work outside, because of busy work, the number of times a year home.After learning that my father would not come home for the Spring Festival this year, I felt very depressed.We also often bring zi Chen’s favorite toys, snacks and other comfort products to see him, and encourage him to establish a positive and optimistic mental state to face life.”My father is working in other places this year and can’t come back to accompany me.The policeman often comes to visit me and brings me toys and snacks. I am very happy.I hope dad will take good care of himself and come home early.”Zi Chen, 5 years old, said.Although the “blessing” activity is short, but the police love long.This is just an epitome of jiuquan public security’s visit to the masses during the Spring Festival. More feelings for the people are integrated into daily work, warming the people.Supervise | | Duan Xiaoping final audit | pittenger mf, chung edit | pan xin county public security bureau released | | melon states give jiuquan city public security bureau media center