Spring Festival does not close, the rich female New Year car, 150 thousand car can choose

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Guangdong people are said to be more diligent, you see only the third day of the New Year, many 4S shops have opened shop, such as BYD shopping mall experience store is not closed for the Spring Festival.In addition to selling cars, car owners are also very diligent.Xiaobian some distant relatives (rich female, land expropriation demolition points more than ten suites of that kind) to buy a car, about xiaobian New Year to see the car.Although the family is not poor in money, this relative’s money to buy a car is earned by himself, the budget of 150,000 yuan, SUV, car, electric car are not limited, anyway in the eyes of local tyrants, the first car is to transport, practical is the most important, which happens to coincide with the real character of Guangdong people.The money is ready. What car to buy?All say here is the Japanese base camp, Toyota is must see, but in addition, the recent hot BYD and Xiaopeng and other new energy vehicles, also become the rich woman’s first choice, 150 thousand cars can be so choose.In Guangzhou, Toyota 4S shops never seem to close, even if the popularity of the third day of the New Year is not lower than the street teahouse.If you buy a Toyota just like buying vegetables, you don’t want to boast about it. If you buy a Toyota, whether it’s a car or an SUV, consumers here rarely look at the configuration, or even don’t need to test drive. They just pay after reading the price.Ordinary people want to buy a car cheap and big space, Toyota is right this set of rules.Gac Toyota 4S shop to see this SUV front landa, 125,800 prices, 150,000 ground to buy a Toyota SUV has a new choice.Fenglanda has more practical rear space, more spacious and bright rear Windows, making it more popular with users.The cheapest Toyota SUV has received good orders not only in Guangdong but also in the whole country.The Chinese market has once again taught manufacturers the importance of rear passenger feelings.Cheap big space, bid farewell to “prison” Toyota SUV, who does not love.Compared with the FAW Toyota version of the Corolla Sharp, the front face of the Fernanda seems to be more refined, and seen from the garage, the grey body of the high version (two-color wheels) look more harmonious.Plus the interior and Lei Ling is also very close to the start is not difficult.The CVT advanced version, priced at 139,800 yuan, is more suitable for beginners with more complete active safety configuration.The new car does not have any advantages at present, but the store has 3-5 years of low interest financial plan, monthly payment of more than 2000, no pressure on the first car.The only thing that bothers little sister is that the gray car paint she wants most is not available in the store at present, and the car is scheduled to wait for about one month (the sales said that the car body color is quite special). Anyway, it is not in urgent need of the car, so let’s have a look.Leave a sales number and continue looking at the car.Byd Yuan PLUS: exquisite interior, affordable Spring Festival open, and BYD.At this BYD experience store in a guangzhou shopping mall, for example, the salesman said they were open for business on Lunar New Year’s Eve, let alone the whole holiday.Don’t tell me, the high popularity of the shopping mall gives BYD a higher exposure, which can obtain more clues than traditional 4S shops.Plus now BYD models of high appearance level, also attract many young consumers stop to look at the car.Yuan PLUS is the second car my sister has seen, why?Because the little sister has not shaken in Guangzhou indicators (also shook for 3 months, small series shook for more than ten years did not dare to say), BYD yuan PLUS can go on the green card, commuting in the city has a great advantage.Yuan PLUS is not on the market yet, but you can order a car in the experience store, with a deposit of 5,000 yuan and a pre-sale price of about 130-150,000 yuan, which is quite cost-effective.The official launch date is mid-February.The flagship model has 18-inch wheels and all the trimmings, and a decent 510 km range.Yuan PLUS exquisite interior, little sister love, such as the three chords on the door panel, really can pop music.The shape of the three-piece air conditioning outlet is also very delicate, the central control screen can rotate, and the door switch is also unique hand rotation, which is really special.If you want to buy BYD Yuan PLUS, xiaobian suggest directly on the flagship version of the bar, 510 kilometers of battery life, a big inch of wheels, DIRAC audio, are very valuable.The only thing little sister is not satisfied with is that the back row space is a little small, but most of them commute by themselves, which doesn’t matter.In addition, due to the capacity of the chip and battery, the delivery time of the Yuan PLUS is also uncertain.Now pre-sale under the order of the car, want to take the car friends can first to book, anyway, the official listing price is almost how much, but the car time can be fast for several months.Xiaopeng P5: A little over budget, but nice car last look is Xiaopeng P5.Many shopping malls, elevators, mobile phone video push have its advertising.At first, my sister looked at G3, but she found that there were too many streets here, so she switched to XIAopeng P5.And xiaopeng this experience store decoration is also very high, hidden in the high-end shopping mall style pull full, and next to the trend of brand store integration.On the third day of the New Year, there are many people who see cars, and most of them are young people. Xiao Peng is really skilled in marketing.The appearance design of Xiaopeng P5 takes the fashion line, mellow and delicate, no problem at home warm male image, very popular with little sister.The live display of lying flat to watch a movie function, you don’t have to say it is quite romantic.However, the P5’s current price will be a little bit more than the small sister budget.The basic version of 460G, subsidy follow-up 162,700 yuan, the endurance of 460 kilometers is good, and there are heat pump air conditioning, sales said summer air conditioning endurance also has more than 300 kilometers, the city is good enough.As for the laser radar we are interested in, only the P version of the high match can have, the price is more than 200,000, not cost-effective.The basic 460G version does not have an intelligent driving assistance system, which makes little sister more tangled. To have this function, the price of the 460E version goes to 182,700 yuan.In addition, only E and P versions of Xiaopeng P5 with high configuration are available on site. If you want to order a car for 460G version, it will take at least 4-6 months. The sales explanation is that the factory has not been started during the Spring Festival, so there is a chip shortage and so on.Summary: 150 thousand New Year’s day to see the car, the above day to see 3, do not know whether the netizens also have such car experience?In general, little sister in gaC Toyota front landa and BYD yuan PLUS tangled.Xiaopeng P5 is a good car, but helpless over the budget, of course, does not rule out her bite the bullet high match the possibility.Toyota’s reliable, effortless SUV or BYD’s all-electric, lower-cost electric car?Which one do you think is better?