Luofu mountain flying cloud top altitude

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1296 meters.Luofu Mountain, known as Yue Yue, is the highest mountain in Guangdong province, with its highest peak rising 1296 meters above Yunding.Covering an area of 214 square kilometers, Luofu Mountain has 432 peaks of all sizes, as many as 980 waterfalls and famous springs, 18 cave wonders, 72 stone rooms and secluded rocks. The mountain is magnificent and magnificent, with lush evergreen vegetation, tall trees and ancient forests. The extraordinary features of the immortal cave have attracted countless celebrities and tourists from ancient and modern times.Luofu Mountain, also known as Dongqiao Mountain, is one of the top ten Taoist mountains in China and the seventh of the thirty-six Taoist caves.Sima Qian, a historian of the Han Dynasty, once compared Luofu Mountain as the “Yue Yue” and luofu Mountain is known as the “no.1 mountain in south of the Five Ridges”.3. The road to the main ticket office is the longest and most difficult route. Even if you start from the ropeway halfway up the mountain, it takes about three hours to reach the top.Full of steps, mountain road is difficult to walk.If the bus stops at the ticket office, you have to go back down the hill.When I went down the mountain, my legs were shaking, and I wished I was on the Huanglongguan route.