Is Garlic an “accelerant” for pulmonary nodules?Doctor: do not want the nodule to enlarge, 2 things still need to touch less

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Guide language: lung participates in the process of breathing circulation of human body, it is the main organ that transforms gas, the environment that some people live, air has a few dust particles or harmful bacteria, can develop filter effect, assure gas exchange can proceed smoothly.The oxygen demand in the body is filtered through the functioning of the lungs, and the carbon dioxide produced during metabolism is removed from the body, so that the body can ensure the basis of normal life activities.At present, some areas have pollution problems, which will cause different degrees of damage to their own health. Many people begin to have the consciousness of health preservation, and pay more attention to the health care work of liver, kidney, blood vessels and other parts.However, most people lack subjective initiative in lung conservation, such as long-term uncontrolled smoking, which is easy to cause pathological problems, among which pulmonary nodules are a common adverse symptom.Is garlic the “catalyst” for pulmonary nodules?When a person is diagnosed with pulmonary nodules, doctors usually suggest that he or she should adjust his or her diet and lifestyle to avoid eating food with high oil, sugar and salt content.Do effective dietary restrictions, while avoiding long-term stay up late, can play a positive effect on the conditioning of the body’s internal nodules.Some people say that eating garlic can speed up the growth of pulmonary nodules, which is very adverse to the knot.The reason for this kind of saying is that garlic has a certain stimulating effect, leading to changes in the condition of organs and affecting the local health recovery of lungs.According to the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine, garlic is a kind of spicy food and can play a certain role in sterilization and inflammation.Especially rich in allicin, can effectively resist the adverse effects of external bacteria and viruses in the human body, enhance the process of autoimmune, but also promote the improvement of body quality.Many people will use garlic as a condiment in their daily diet, which can enhance the original taste to a certain extent.From the medical point of view, garlic has also been studied on the effect of human lung nodules, and it is found that the strong stimulation effect of allicin, if consumed excessively at one time, will lead to the inhibition of the recovery of lung nodules, which is detrimental to the health of lung.Although eating garlic can play a sterilization role to a certain extent and relieve inflammation problems, people with nodular problems in the body should try to avoid long-term uncontrolled use of garlic in daily life.This can effectively reduce the pressure on the lungs and accelerate the positive improvement of nodular problems.Doctors remind: do not want to increase nodules, 2 things also need to touch less 1, raw and cold stimulation food a person was diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoidosis, daily to avoid eating food with raw and cold stimulation characteristics.There are a lot of cold in these foods, after eating to the location of the spread, contact with the lung will lead to mucosal damage, affecting the recovery effect of disease problems.There are more kinds of cold food, such as watermelon, ice cream, etc., to do the effective diet diet, only in this way can reduce the adverse effects of nodules, promote the development of the disease to a stable direction.2. The positive aspects of daily diet and living conditions have been improved. Many people pay more attention to tonics in daily life, hoping to improve their body health.Especially after many women enter the menopause stage, they need to supplement all kinds of nutrients needed by the body under the role of tonic food, ensure the stability of hormone level in the body and regulate body function.But if the food tonifying effect is too strong, while playing the role of health preservation, it is also adverse to reduce the symptoms of pulmonary nodules.The nutrient content in the body exceeds the standard, the growth of nodules will also be promoted, absorb all kinds of energy, and continue to develop the disease.In order to avoid the occurrence of nodular enlargement, reasonable control of the intake of nourishing food should be carried out in daily life to prevent the effect on nodular growth, resulting in adverse effects on their own health.How to avoid pulmonary nodules in daily life?1, pay attention to keep warm the current weather is still relatively cold, lung is a warm rather than cold organ, cold invasion of the lung, will lead to negative stimulation of mucosal parts, affect the normal function of the operation, hinder the development of the disease to the good direction.Usually pay more attention to the weather, appropriate clothing, can effectively protect the health of the lungs and other organs, ensure the normal operation of the respiratory system, prevent inflammation.2, quit smoking and alcohol lung play a filtering effect, in the process of operation to convert the gas in the air, want to achieve a certain conservation effect, avoid nodular symptoms, to first do not smoke and do not drink.There are some harmful ingredients in these two items, after entering the lung, some negative effects, easy to cause lung function lesions, especially regular uncontrolled smoking, the severity of lung damage is higher.
Conclusion: In conclusion, people with pulmonary nodules should effectively control the consumption of garlic and pay attention to other lung care work at ordinary times, which can effectively reduce the burden of lung and promote the recovery of pulmonary nodules.Guide to Summer Regimen