Got a promotion?Lin replace WB certification!Netizen: Autumn match and xiao Pang come back show together

2022-05-19 0 By

The 2022 King of Glory KPL Spring tournament has been officially launched on February 9, 2022. There are many points of concern before the start of the spring tournament, such as whether the former head coach of Chongqing Wolves Lu Cheng Lin Lin can return after a suspension of two seasons. It goes without saying that Coach Lin, as the coach who led Chongqing QG to win the 2021 Summer Champions Cup, will be able to return.Lim’s coaching ability is at the top level of the league, although there have been a lot of mishaps during his tenure. Many people believe that his coaching ability is comparable to SK and Kuchul and other top coaches in the league.Perhaps because of Lin’s coaching skills or his personal charm, many Wolves fans have been waiting for Lin’s return since he was suspended by the league,Expect coach Lin to return in autumn 2021, expect the 2021 Winter Championship again, expect the 2021 Winter Championship again in spring 2022, but the fact is cruel for Wolves fans, coach Lin has not been appointed as the head coach of Chongqing Wolves this season after a two-season suspension.The length of Lin’s suspension hasn’t been announced, but it could be a season or a year, so it’s not clear why he didn’t return, either because he’s still suspended or because he’s not ready to be seen in the public eye as a coach.It is worth mentioning that Coach Lin recently became active on the social platform, first commenting on the match between EDGM and Hero, and last night congratulating Chongqing Wolves for their first win in the Year of the Tiger.In addition, the coach Lin has also replaced microblogging certification, from the point of microblogging certification, coach Lin is now the wolves e-sports club king glory division director of the training, Li Luo microblogging certification also change to wolves king glory division e-sports club manager, two weibo certification is a stone hammer coach Lin is still not as wolves coach this season,Coach Lin microblogging certification to the wolves game training director may mean that the union indirect punishment for coach Lin has ended, and then the coach Lin no return reason probably temporarily doesn’t suit appeared in the public eye as a coach, coach Lin served as director of wolves game training than before the manager is a promotion, however,A lot of Wolves fans said they wanted to see Coach Lin on stage at BP!Does coach Lin’s promotion to coach Coach of Wolves mean that Coach Lin is coming back?In view of this, some netizens said that after xiaopang baby lock is unlocked, Xiaopang and Coach Lin will continue to compete for the champion in 2022 autumn Competition. In view of Coach Lin’s change of weibo authentication, what do you think?