Electric vehicle sales grow 109% in 2021, with China and Europe leading the way

2022-05-19 0 By

According to a new report from analytics firm Canalys, electric vehicle sales rose 109 percent in 2021 compared with 2020.As competition in the pure electric vehicle industry continues to heat up, evs accounted for 9% of total global vehicle sales last year, up sharply from the previous year, and China and Europe continue to lead other regions in EV adoption, accounting for 85% of total global EV sales in 2021.Earlier today released the report suggests that the global electric car market is continues to expand at a speed of many analysts don’t understand, mainland China and Europe both areas is undoubtedly the electric car penetration of the highest two regions, in 2021, China accounted for 50% of total global electric car sales, while Europe still account for 35% of the total deliveries.The United States accounted for 8 percent, while the rest of the world accounted for the remaining 7 percent.Jason Low, principal analyst at Canalys, attributes the surge in China’s diverse, competitive and selective ev market to consumers being able to buy and shop for electric vehicles of different body styles, sizes and designs.Jason Low says:In 2021, more than 3.2 million electric vehicles were sold in mainland China — half of all electric vehicles sold worldwide and an increase of 2 million over 2020 sales in China, with many new models launched every other month in each segment, from tiny cars, to mass-market city cars to premium sedans and SUVs.”While China’s sales numbers are mind-boggling, the highest ev adoption is in Europe, which has a higher concentration of EV drivers than China, even though cumulative ev sales in the region are lower than in mainland China.Ashwin Amberkar, another Canalys analyst, said:”Demand for electric vehicles in Europe continues to be strong — in fact, evs account for more than a quarter of new car sales in many European countries — but ev buyers will have to be patient, as waiting times for new electric vehicles in Europe are often nine to 12 months.”Tesla is also doing well in China and Europe, where the Model 3 and Model Y are the most popular models after the Hongguang Mini EV, which starts at 28,000 yuan.In Europe, the Model 3 also provided good sales figures, driven by the Export policy of the Shanghai Gigafactory, successfully becoming the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe in 2021.While electric vehicles accounted for just 4% of new car sales in the U.S. last year, the region is also doing well, with new electric vehicles emerging in the U.S. as traditional car companies focus more on electrifying classic models, Canalys said.The introduction of the all-electric pickup market will certainly help the U.S. EV market share grow in the coming years, especially with the emergence of favorable products such as ford’s F-150 Lightning, Tesla Cybertruck, GMC Hummer EV, and Chevrolet Silverado EV.