About 1.1 million students are planning to enroll in the 2022 national postgraduate entrance exam

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The national line for the 2022 postgraduate entrance examination and the score scores of 34 universities have been announced.Influenced by factors such as the increase in the number of applicants, the scores of most majors have increased from last year, with some majors increasing by more than 10 points.The number of applicants for the 2022 national postgraduate entrance examination reached 4.57 million, 800,000 more than in 2021.About 1.1 million students are expected to enroll this year.For a-level candidates, literature for academic degree and translation, journalism and Communication, and publishing for professional degree had the highest total score of 367 points.Those with a score of 360 or above also have academic degrees in art, economics, professional degrees in art, finance, applied statistics, taxation, international business, insurance, and asset appraisal.For B students, the highest total score was in literature for academic degrees and translation, journalism and Communication, and publishing for professional degrees, with 357 points.Philosophy, history, Art, Physical Education, Physical Education, Auditing, Heritage and Museums, Library and Information, engineering management, arts, up 15 points.Law, education, Law, Education, applied psychology, accounting, up 14 points.Economics, literature, management, finance, translation, journalism and communication, and publishing, up 12 points.Only agriculture, military science, agriculture, veterinary medicine, landscape architecture, forestry, business administration, tourism management, the total score of the same as last year.After the announcement of the national line, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and other 34 universities have announced the independent marking situation.For the master’s degree of Peking University, the scores of economics and history were 380; for the professional master’s degree of finance, taxation, insurance and international business were 385; and for physical education, 380.In Tsinghua University, I got 380 points in science, 403 points in finance and 420 points in applied statistics.Economics, Zhejiang University, 395.(Source: Jiangsu Radio And Television Rong Media News Center/Jiang Jianni xijuan Qiu Yu Editor/Gao Ruoting)