The green messenger who goes against the wind and snow

2022-05-18 0 By

Shandong, January 25 (CNS) — Some cities in Shandong ushered in the first heavy snow of 2022 on January 22.Along with the snow, the temperature plummeted.Traffic was scarce and hurried on the road.Only the postal green, especially bright.In order to ensure the unimpeded postal communication and postal demand of the people, the front-line staff of the Postal Service stick to their posts, fight the storm and practice the original mission of “People’s postal service for the people” with practical actions.On January 22, early in the morning, the city women’s delivery team of the Qihe Postal branch in Texas came to the mail processing center, loaded with mail out of work.They braved cold and snowy, muddy roads to get mail to customers as soon as possible.In order to ensure the smooth road, clean city appearance and the safety of the masses, early in the morning on January 22, the plain Post branch party members vanguard took to the streets to clear snow, to the local people to send a warm, at the same time fully embodies the post party members to do practical things for the masses vanguard role.In order to ensure the timely delivery of party newspapers and periodicals, to ensure the needs of the people with mail, xiazin postal branch cadres and staff have no fear, stick to their posts, shuttle in the streets, running in the city and the countryside, a mail, a newspaper, a parcel delivered to the people on time.Major cold has just passed, white snow, the first winter of 2022 as promised and arrived, zibo Post branch cadres and staff do not fear the cold, “bath and snow fighting”, delivery, transport, distribution and other links closely linked.In the streets and lanes of Zibo, post green shows the most beautiful style.In the streets and streets of huimin County, postmen braved the snow and snow, carefully delivering every mail, every parcel and every newspaper to customers.On a day when many people were happily recording beautiful snow scenes with their mobile phones, there was little difference for postmen except for the increased movement of snow removal from vehicles and greater caution on the road.Cao County postal branch postmen stick to their posts, to fulfill the party and the state given the general service responsibility, to ensure the timely transmission of the voice of the Party, to protect the needs of the people with mail.Rain and snow cannot stop the pace of postal staff, nor can they stop the enthusiasm of postal staff.According to statistics, the branch delivered 42,000 pieces of mail that day, about 470 per capita, the largest delivery of nearly a thousand pieces.They show up on time, get ready quickly, get out on time, and enthusiastically deliver every piece of mail to customers.In order to ensure the timely delivery of mail, xintai Postal branch delivery staff not afraid of the cold, overcome the cold, wet roads and other difficulties, they shuttled through the streets, lanes, mountains and plains, will be filled with warm mail, timely and accurate to customers, highly praised by the community.Edited by Li Yan and reviewed by Wang Jingjing