One of the six “strongest” machetes in the world is from China, which was used to kill Japanese devils during the Anti-Japanese War

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The battlefield in the period of Cold weapon was almost the home field of sword and sword.Although our Chinese dao making technology is very famous, many foreign soldiers are also fond of all kinds of broadswords.Especially some of the jungle war, the broadsword can greatly come in handy.The broadsword can be used not only to kill enemies, but also to clear trees and hunt.Today, we will introduce six famous broadswords in the history of cold weapons.The first, is from The European butcher knife, its style and ordinary butcher knife in fact there is no difference.In 16th century Europe, almost all men were forced to join the army because of war.Among them, the fighting power of the butchers was the most outstanding among the civilians.Although the butchers had not been trained as knights from a very young age, they were greatly enhanced by their sharp machetes.As a result, the weapon became a famous weapon on the battlefield.The second item is a machete from Indonesia.Although this knife looks like a kitchen knife, it is much more lethal than ordinary kitchen knives.It’s just that this Indonesian machete has a smaller blade and is a bit weaker than other big knives.Therefore, it is more suitable for melee attacks.The third is the 1918 artillery machete from the UK. As the name suggests, this knife is specially made for artillery.Hard and slender, it was used by British artillery as a jungle knife.It was used by the artillery to clear obstacles as they moved ammunition through the rain forest.It is said that thick branches and dense thorns are not a problem.The fourth, also from Europe, has a very domineer name, the Machete.This dao is much more difficult to handle than the previous two dao, as it is 1.5 meters in length.As long as it can bear its weight and be used properly, beheading an enemy in melee or ranged attack is not a problem.Section five is the American machete.The knife is oddly shaped and looks more like a sickle.In fact, this American machete is as good for jungle warfare as the artillery machete mentioned above, for hunting and clearing jungle obstacles.It is also a good tool for cutting wood when you need to camp on the spot.The sixth section is the Chinese-made Machete.In the war of Resistance, it has become the broadsword team essential weapons.Although our weapons were not as good as the Advanced tanks and cannons of the Japanese army at that time, the Broadsword team had used this cold weapon to annihilate many Japanese troops for many times.When the people spontaneously formed teams to resist the Japanese army, this chopper also played a very good defense role.After hearing the introduction of these broadswords, which one do you prefer?Although they are no longer needed on the battlefield, they are still preserved by many collectors.