New car | price 79500 yuan, the flat for jinbei, domestic hiace?Foton Scenery listed

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Recently, we learned from the official fukuda that the whole series of its light passenger car type scenery will be launched in 2022.Specific models include scenic G5, Scenic G7 and Scenic G9 series.Among them, the 2022 Scenery G5 includes 15 models with a price range of 83,700 to 129,740 yuan;A total of 24 models of 2022 Scenery G7 will be launched, with a price range of 79,500 to 106,600 yuan;A total of eight models of the 2022 Scenic G9 will be launched, with a price range of 101,500 to 168,800 yuan.At present, the scenery series 2022 models have not been exposed, so this article illustrated models are 2021 2021 scenery G5 2.0l gasoline 1TZS commercial edition 6-seat multi-purpose passenger vehicle country VI first from the 2022 scenery G5.The car is positioned as a light bus type, launching a total of business edition, business travel edition and professional edition of the three subdivisions of the car.Among them, the business transport version can choose four doors and two seats of the car, four doors and five/six seats and four doors and ten seats three kinds of window structure, the business travel version is four doors and seven/nine passenger cars, the professional version is four doors and five to nine seats and four doors and ten seats window models.The car’s powertrain is available with 2.0-liter gasoline, 2.4-liter gasoline and 2.0t diesel engines.In terms of drivetrain, there is a 5-speed manual transmission that matches the 2.0-liter and 2.4-liter engines, and a 6-speed manual transmission that matches the 2.0-t engine.2021款 G7 2.4L business transport version long shaft high top 2 car 4K22D4M2021款 G7 2.4L business transport version long shaft high top 5 car 4K22D4M look at the 2022款 G7, the car provides up to 24 specific models optional.The car can also provide transport version, business travel version and professional version of the three subdivision car.The business version can be in 4 doors 2 seats, 4 doors 4/5 seats, 4 doors 6 seats and 4 doors 10 seats four kinds of body structure to choose, the business travel version can choose 4 doors 10/11 and 4 doors 10/12 seats models, and the professional version is 4 doors 2 seats and 4 doors 10 seats two kinds of body structure.In terms of power, the 2022 Scenic G7 has a 2.4-litre gasoline engine and a 2.0-ton diesel engine with a full transmission system matched to a 5-speed manual transmission.4K22D4M2021款 2.4L gasoline dealer yun edition long shaft high top 9 bright Windows 4K22D4M finally look at the 2022 G9 scenery.The car is the largest body size of the Scenic series, and the 2022 model only offers a body size of “long axle high top”, and can choose 4-door 2-seat and 4-door 4/5 seat van, 4-door 6-seat open window, and 4-door 9-seat, 4-door 10-14 seat coach (including 4-door 10-14 seat operating coach).In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 2.4-liter engine with a maximum power of 118 kw and peak torque of 230 N · m. The transmission system is matched with a 5-speed manual transmission.