China’s figure skating hit hard!The International Skating Federation has made a major decision to cancel events in Russia and China

2022-05-18 0 By

Beijing time on March 28, montpellier, France has ended, and the world championships in Japan’s Mr. Uno chang grinding and sakamoto flower woven respectively male and female, skating, because Russian players suspended, three dolls are no woman’s game, sakamoto flower woven world championship for the first time, Japan became the world’s biggest winner,Their Yuzhen Keiyama also won the men’s singles runner-up.In addition to the Russian athletes being banned, our Chinese figure skating team also collectively withdrew from the event. The reason should be that considering the overseas epidemic, not only the Figure skating World Championships this time, but also the Canadian Speed skating World Championships later gave up.At present, foreign epidemic situation is very serious, even the epidemic situation of our domestic situation is not optimistic, but let the Chinese figure skating and speed skating have abandoned the world series, even give up the podium, a blow for domestic players, not the game how can maintain their competitive level, so, this also is to let our concerns.In addition, the level of Chinese figure skating is not as good as that of the strong teams. In the Beijing Winter Olympics, the veteran pair skaters Han Cong and Sui Wenjing won the gold medal, while the other team members did not perform well, and Zhu Yi made the Chinese people very disappointed.Nowadays, Japan, Russia and the United States all have very high level of figure skating. China does not participate in the competition, and the young athletes do not participate in the World Youth Championships. No wonder the Chinese people think that our association will give up figure skating completely.According to Russian media reports, the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation is preparing to hold a board meeting on April 1 and will cancel two events in Russia and China next year. Next year, there will be six events in Figure skating, including the United States, Japan, Canada and France.The Russian station was canceled due to the war, and the Chinese station was canceled due to strict immigration and circuit breaker policy.It is understandable that the Russian race was cancelled, while the Chinese race was cancelled. Some Chinese people said that they would not be able to see their favorite athletes compete in China.China’s epidemic prevention policy is very strict, but it does not mean that the event can not be held, and it is still next year’s event, but the Chinese Ice Skating Association has cancelled four international figure skating competitions in a row, and this time they have collectively withdrawn from the World Championships, it is estimated that the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation is also very dissatisfied, so they will directly cancel the Event in China next year.People in China are worried that Chinese figure skaters will not improve, and that they will not go out to compete, and that people will not come to China to compete.We can only hope that the Table Tennis Association can give more consideration to figure skaters and let them participate in world championships if there is a chance. Compared with figure skaters, our National Table Tennis Team has participated in many competitions abroad in recent years and held world championships in China, so the Table Tennis Association is much more helpful.