Less than 3K yuan, Apple’s cheapest iPhone comes with A15 chip and 5G network

2022-05-17 0 By

Times have changed, but Apple has not.Even in 2022, a new iPhone SE 3 is on the way.According to foreign media and sources from the supply chain, Apple is expected to officially unveil the iPhone SE3 at its spring product launch event on March 8, as a mass-market model focusing on the low-end smartphone market this year.It is worth mentioning that although the current development of smart phones is very “roll-in”, the overall appearance design of iPhone SE3 has not changed significantly in order to reduce production costs.Going back to the previous SE model, the iPhone SE2, released in April 2020, has the same look as the 2017 iPhone8, which means that this year’s iPhone SE3 has the same look and feel as the phone from five years ago.The iPhone SE3 still has a 4.7-inch LCD screen on the front, not a full-screen design, and retains the Touch ID physical fingerprint button. The iPhone SE3 has a glass back with a 1200W pixel single camera, which supports Qi wireless charging but does not support Apple’s new magnetic wireless charging.What is Apple going to do to get people to buy a phone that is so far behind The Times in design?The answer is super performance and 5G.The biggest upgrade to the iPhone SE3 is undoubtedly the A15 chip.As the iPhone13 series of the same type of processor, it has the strongest mobile phone terminal performance and heat dissipation power consumption, especially the opponent qualcomm has two flagship chip performance is not good, more sit A15 chip strong and leading position.Although iPhone SE3 small body volume space, will give heat dissipation and processing performance caused by pressure, but after the A15, I believe it will become 2K yuan ~3K yuan in the price segment of the strongest performance phone.In addition, the iPhone SE3 is the first iPhone in the series to support 5G network.Finally, Apple will further reduce the price of iPhone 3, from the previous generation around 3K yuan price is expected to drop below 3K yuan.In this way, for many consumers who want to buy iPhone, they can buy an Apple phone equipped with the latest iOS system + the strongest A15 chip at a low price. It is a good choice for either self-use or as a spare machine or an old machine.Today, the price of Android flagship camp keeps rising, it is difficult to buy a top model with a budget of 3K yuan, especially for users who pay attention to performance very much. There is almost no rival mobile phone that can rival A15 chip at this price, or even none at a higher price.So if you’re not too concerned about screen size, the iPhone SE3 is definitely worth considering.