“China’s Rural revitalization” paste Spring Festival couplets party kindness | “Happiness never forget the Party leadership”

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Just walk to Gansu Province county Luban stone village poverty alleviation Chen Deshi not far from the door, can vaguely hear over seventy years old old couple talking and laughing.Take the door a look, two lovely little sun er are around the old couple side to play, below warm winter sun, more appear happiness and auspicious.”With the help of the Party and the government, living conditions are better now. I have enjoyed my life since I moved here.When I lived halfway up the mountain, my house was dilapidated and it was inconvenient to go out. I was covered with dirt in sunny days and mud in rainy days. Now I live the same life as the city people.You see, pasted Spring Festival couplets courtyard more people look comfortable…”Chen deshi’s wife said excitedly.”My family used to be poor. In recent years, we have enjoyed many good policies of the Party. Compared to the past, we have changed dramatically in clothing, food, housing and transportation.From potholed and muddy roads to paved and hardened roads, from elderly people’s inability to afford medical care to one-stop reimbursement services, from children unable to afford education to enjoy poverty alleviation policies, from finding a job to finding a job to earning money in a cooperative at home, all these changes are due to the help of the Party and the government.”Normally reserved, Chen deshi became eloquent when talking about the party and the government’s kindness.Sitting on a stone bench in the courtyard, he began to read the Spring Festival couplets in a clear voice in a native dialect: “Happiness does not forget the leadership of the Party, and prosperity depends on hard work…”Source: China’s rural revitalization of expediting | | Du Dongyang audit Han Wenyan coordinating editor strong editing | | king horse wide