Zhang agreed: Strictly adhere to the “epidemic” line!

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January 25, 2022 jiaozuo Evening News A03 edition “Aunt, please wear a mask” “Hello, please show your travel code, health code”……January 20 is the “great Cold” in the 24 solar terms, the weather is particularly cold, but in the liberated area of Democracy street Qingli community Xinhua South Street north of the epidemic prevention and control checkpoint, zhang agreed to meticulously check the traffic and people, stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control.Zhang agreed to view the entry of the health code and itinerary code Zhang agreed is the municipal propaganda department of spiritual civilization construction coordination section chief.On January 9, when the municipal headquarters of epidemic prevention and control issued a notice on the participation of municipal officials in the epidemic prevention and control work in communities (villages), he did not hesitate to apply.At the same time, as a party member, he also led 58 members of the sinking community to set up a temporary Party branch, he served as the secretary of the temporary Party branch and the leader of the temporary Party group of members of the daoqingli community municipal unit.”As Party members, we should play a leading role and do everything well.”Zhang agreed.Report to the community, Zhang agreed to receive a difficult task — household visits investigation.The reason why the task is difficult is that many residential areas in Xinhua South Street have no property settlement and belong to self-built residential areas, which brings difficulties to the investigation work.Visiting during working hours, Zhang agreed to knock on only a few doors.But he did not give up, using lunch and dinner time, overtime visit investigation.”There is a house on the sixth floor of the Food Company family compound. I have been three or four times, but I have not seen anyone.I didn’t even see the lights on in his house until twenty-two.”Zhang agreed.For this, he learned after several inquiries in the jianshe Road and orchard road intersection near the house, may be moved to live there.Although the new location does not belong to the jurisdiction of the Daoqingli community, Zhang agreed to find the family in a serious and responsible manner, and the basic information of the people registered in the book.Xinhua South Street north of the complex terrain, there are two railway lines, roads in all directions;80% of the residents are self-built houses, with many tenants and mixed personnel.Want to guard this card point, Zhang agreed to work hard.”The community has blocked off the north and east side of the area, and people have to come in and out from the south, which makes our containment efforts a lot easier.”Zhang agreed.Since January 12, he and the community staff every day here on duty until 22 o ‘clock, to enter and exit the residents he would say hello, and try to deepen the impression.Over time, he remembered the people and they got to know him.It is Zhang’s conscientious attitude that has won the recognition of the residents.Since then, many residents passing by always want to say “hard work” to him.”I am very excited and warm at the sight of the residents’ actions.I will continue to stand good post, good duty, protect our home.”Zhang agreed with a smile.Jiaozuo daily all media reporter Yang Ke photography report