“My daughter-in-law is so cheap,” her mother-in-law deleted moments to avoid the bride’s 180,000 yuan change fee

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Some mothers-in-law in order to get married under their daughter-in-law’s face, no matter what kind of behavior, are able to do.Do not consider the results of doing so will cause their own daughter-in-law between the future will cause how much conflict, want to do what.Although customs vary from place to place, there are all kinds of activities with good meanings when it comes to getting married.And although some places bride price is heavy, but also certainly is everybody acceptable range.Mother-in-law must not because of a little bride price problem, thinking that they must not pay a penny, when the time comes to their empty – handed white Wolf.Such behavior and thinking is not correct at all, must think to get along well with the daughter-in-law.The contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has always been a problem in every family, and even some families because of the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, make a big family are particularly uncomfortable.So anyway, the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law must be resolved as soon as possible.Before getting married, Li Wen’s mother-in-law always wanted to take advantage of li Wen’s family, especially in the bride price of marriage.They cried poverty and rolled around, but they didn’t want to give Li Wen the bride price.In fact, Li Wen also knows his mother-in-law is what kind of virtue, but also can’t because of this matter let him at home without face.Zhao Jie and Li Wen lived in a city where the daily expenses were not very high.And their local custom is to get married, the need for the groom’s family to take the bride price of 180,000 yuan.Then the woman’s family returns the dowry money of 200,000 yuan to the man’s family.But some families do not return a cent after receiving the betrothal gift from the man.Therefore, Zhao Jie’s mother thought that her daughter-in-law must be like this. She was racking her brains at home, thinking of how to marry her without spending any money.Zhao jie’s mother often talks to Li and Li alone, as they are getting married.If the bride price such issues, must be negotiated in advance.”Li Wen, you know our family conditions.Such a big thing as getting a bride price for marriage, our family can’t take it out at once. I think you two are so close to each other, so why don’t you give up the bride price?If your family wants a dowry, take fifty thousand dollars.””I also know that our family situation is really not very good, I did not say that we must get 180,000 yuan.You have to give me and my relatives and friends are the same, you can not put my face directly on the bottom of the foot.When the time comes your family did not give a penny, the whole I like a cheap.””If you refuse to listen to good words, don’t marry into our family if you can.I won’t give you a penny. You’re still wet behind the ears trying to take money from me.My son is so good, there are so many people who want to marry my son, you are a lot less.”The daughter-in-law had no way but to agree, but did not expect her mother-in-law sent a circle of friends Zhao Jie and Li Wen two people’s feelings are very close, the two young people to their own life management of colorful.Finally arrived, career stability down, the two decided to talk about marriage.But Zhao Jie mother such practice, let Li Wen heart is really not very uncomfortable.Zhao Jie on the side to comfort Li Wen, his mother that person also know, a famous stingy ghost.Zhao Jie also knew that his mother must be in this big thing on the whole small tricks.Also to Liwen said a centering words, let LiWen not because of this thing in the heart afflictive.Li Wen has no way, also had to accept this proposal, Zhao Jie also said, later this money will supply her, after all, also can’t let Li Wen in front of relatives and friends without face.Li Wen had thought that the matter was over and he had already agreed to it.But I didn’t expect to see her mother-in-law posted moments one night.”My daughter-in-law is so cheap.”Li Wen just ready to screenshots down to Show Zhao Jie, the next second this circle of friends was deleted.But there was no way to calm li Wen down, so Li Wen thought she had to find a way to make her mother-in-law laugh no more.Even if her mother-in-law deleted her moments, Li wen felt she had been hurt.03 daughter-in-law to 180,000 change of mouth fee, the wedding face mother-in-law Li Wen secretly do not move, when it is never sent to this circle of friends.Zhao Jie also in Li Wen’s narration, know his mother do such bad behavior, this is really nothing to say.When the wedding was held, Li Wen was very happy in all the trips.Mother-in-law in the side is also a pair of complacent attitude, to the people around said.”My daughter-in-law is very cheap, and I haven’t paid a cent.I do not believe that my daughter-in-law, who else can have such a cheap?I still have the means, and my daughter-in-law will certainly not dare to show off her power in front of me.”To change the link, Li Wen made it clear directly, said it must be 180,000 to change the fee.If don’t give won’t call out mama at all, mother-in-law this next leng eye.Did not expect the daughter-in-law actually is not what easy to hold the soft persimmon, this next everyone on the scene are staring at the mother-in-law, let the mother-in-law but lost an adult.The mother-in-law also did not think of their hair that circle of friends was actually li Wen to see, he did not pay a penny bride price, want to marry a daughter-in-law, and finally did not escape the bride’s 180,000 change fee.04 completely let the mother-in-law rest of the mind, the couple live harmoniously in the process of the wedding, the mother-in-law also finally understand that their behavior is wrong, but also just think that they should not send that circle of friends.His other behavior is no mistake at all, after the wedding, even to Li Wenis loudly scold.”Do you know how much you have disgraced me?Just talk to me in front of all these people.What I said is not wrong, you are so cheap a person, married to our family you are not thinking eight lifetimes lucky.Do you think I’ll let you live your life?”Li Wen had not been scolded by her mother-in-law.After all, I also know that her mother-in-law is now a bully, when the time comes, she and Zhao Jie two people living outside.She rarely sees her mother-in-law, and what more can she do?After the marriage, the mother-in-law really can not swallow this tone.He looked for all kinds of trouble from Li Wen, but Li Wen was not afraid at all.Even if the mother-in-law, say ugly words, Li Wen does not put this mother-in-law in the eyes.It’s enough to manage your life well.After getting married for a longer period of time, the contradiction between her mother-in-law and Li Wen, ignored by Li Wen, did not stir up much water at all.Her mother-in-law also knew that no matter what she did, there would be nothing to upset Li Wen.In the end, it didn’t work out.Two young people in the outside to buy their own house, every month just regular mother-in-law back to the living expenses, their own life management of the special sound and colorful.The contradiction between the daughter-in-law, indeed sometimes, just because of a small friction caused by more and more serious.The mother-in-law always thinks that as the elder of the family, she should be respected by everyone.Especially a daughter-in-law from another family.In fact, the mother-in-law’s idea is wrong, after all, there is no high or low in the family.You don’t have to be an elder, you have to be waited on by everyone.Young people have their own lives and careers to keep busy.As an elder, you should reduce the burden of the children at home, not because of a little bit of things, at home is the earth turned upside down.So that the mood of the children will become worse and worse, life is more and more unsatisfactory.The harmony of the family is very important, and all the family members hope that the family can live a peaceful and beautiful life.No one wants to have all kinds of minor frictions and big arguments in the family all the time.