In 2003, a teacher went missing in Shanxi Province. Her body was found in a dry well. Her husband confessed but was released

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In 2002, a villager in Yao Meng township, Salt Lake District, Shanxi Province, was walking drunk on the road.He had just been drinking a lot with his friends, and now he was out of the room, completely confused and still feeling upset in his stomach.Suddenly, the villager found a dry well in front of him. He quickly ran forward to vomit in the dry well.As he bent down, a figure in the dry well startled him.He rubbed his eyes and looked carefully. In the well, which had been dry for more than 20 years, there was a dead woman!Her hair was tangled in the grass and vine on the wall of the well, and her body was so decomposed that she could not be seen at all.As he neared the well, the drunk smelled a foul smell coming from it, which made him turn his head and vomit wildly on the ground to one side.Why would there be such a highly decomposed female corpse in this dry well for many years?Who is this man?Killed for what?In this issue, we find out what happened behind this woman’s body.In 2002, the police received a call from a man at a Public security station in Salt Lake District.”Policeman comrade, I found a dry well here, there are dead bodies inside, you come quickly!”There was a body, which was enough, and the police immediately drove to what the men called the dry well.Here, the police struggled to salvage the woman’s body in the well, the body’s face and body have been highly decomposed, completely unable to identify, you can see that this woman should be dead for a long time.After the police dealt with the scene, immediately returned to the public security Bureau, called out the six months to a year reported missing cases, compared with the corresponding situation.And the police aren’t just in the Salt Lake Area, they’re pulling disappearances from all the surrounding counties.It was a loose end, and the police found a missing person suspected of being this body.5 months ago, linyi county public security bureau has a missing case, missing object is a woman, height age roughly all accord with, and the time is also basic to go up.Found this situation, the salt Lake district police immediately contacted linyi county police, Linyi county police then reported missing lu Yali father brought together to confirm the situation.Luali’s father almost fainted when he saw the corpse. The face of the corpse was highly decomposed. Luali’s father tried to look at it.Suddenly, he burst into tears: “My daughter, here is a porcelain tooth.Comrade policemen, you must ask for justice for my daughter.”Lu Yi’s father after the basic identity, the police and the identity characteristics of the body to do further confirmation, the result is very obvious, this body, is 5 months ago in linyi county missing Lu Yi.After confirming the identity of the body, linyi County police began an official investigation.A forensic examination of Luali’s body revealed obvious injuries to her head, abdomen and thighs. The head injuries were caused by blunt force trauma, and the abdominal and thigh wounds were knife wounds.How did Luali go missing?It all started over a year ago.Night strange missing, spot trace not much 2001, live in shanxi linyi county Chu Hou xiang lu Ya li teach inside a school, age slowly old, still do not have boyfriend.Lu Yali’s family is very anxious, thinking quickly to introduce an object to Lu Yali, for fear of not getting married later.Luali did not really expect much of love, and when she heard that her father had introduced her to a blind date, she went to meet her.The other party is called Wang Peng, all aspects of the conditions are also ok, LU Yali himself is quite satisfied, two people try to get along for a period of time, feel that the other party is a suitable person to live.Almost half a year later, they got married.After marriage, the day has been quite calm, Lu Yali normal work in the school, Wang Peng also normal work in their own unit, two people jointly hold the small family.However, eight months later, a student in Louie’s class went to the dean one morning to tell him that she had not shown up for her class, and that no one had answered her phone call.After confirming that no one could be found, the school called the police.Linyi county police received a report, immediately rushed to the school.After lu Yali’s father and husband Wang Peng were informed that their relatives were missing, they also hurriedly came to the school.A pedestrian immediately went to lu Yali in the school’s teacher’s dormitory, looking for more clues.Luali’s dormitory was not particularly large, and it was almost obvious what was going on inside.Inside the bed, the quilt had disappeared, and there was a large wet area on the sheet.The police tested and found that the wet marks on the sheets were caused by urine.The discovery made several policemen shudder.Suddenly, someone noticed blood on the edge of the window, and there were signs of struggle in some small corners of the house.Seeing this, a policeman whispered to his colleague: “I’m afraid the odds are against us. A grown man with no disease would never wet the bed under normal circumstances.Unless, of course, the person has lost their central management function.”The colleague answered him: “Don’t make a sound, even if deduce she is gone, also haven’t seen the body now, don’t stimulate the emotions of the family members.”After walking from the dormitory, the police also have no way to determine the whereabouts of Lu Yali, can only be handled in accordance with the missing case, and then slowly looking for someone.Luari’s husband and father were very sad, especially Luari.He had only one daughter, and luali was missing, which hit him very hard.After lu Yali’s father, the police put on record to search slowly, lu Yali’s father is also trying everything to find the whereabouts of his daughter.He distributed and posted posters everywhere, promising to give away all his money to thank good samaritans if he found his daughter.And road father an age, just Shanxi Province to walk all over, always do not give up looking for her daughter’s figure.In contrast, Lu yali’s husband, Wang Peng, is much more calm.In addition to the beginning of the lu Yali dormitory wang Peng a little emotional, day after day, he quickly returned to normal life, did not try to find the whereabouts of his wife.How can I put it?Doesn’t look like a man who lost his wife.Lu Yali’s father once also suspected wang Peng killed his daughter.The police locked the murderer, voluntarily confessed to the crime Wang Peng before the performance of the police have been suspected, but in the interrogation, Wang Peng’s performance is very calm, the police suffer from no evidence, can not forcibly detain Wang Peng.Now more than five months later, the police found lu Yali’s body, the police suspect Wang Peng again.The police immediately summoned Wang Peng to the public Security Bureau for questioning, before the police thought of a good way to talk, Wang Peng took the initiative to the police said: “I killed Lu Yali, today you called me here is for this, I said.”Let me see, more than five months ago, it was January 2, and I went to play mah-jongg because Luali was supposed to be studying at night.It went on until the wee hours of the next morning, when we were done, and I went straight to the dorm to meet her.I was hooked by then.Then when we got to her dorm room, she started arguing with me!”At that time, Wang Peng came to Lu Yali dormitory, originally wanted to have a good sleep, but DID not expect lu Yali began nagging him to play mahjong and play so late.Wang peng was dazzled and did not listen to What Lu Yali said. Seeing wang Peng’s indifference, Lu Yali became more and more angry as she talked, and her voice became louder and louder unconsciously.Wang Peng is a good face, afraid that the couple’s quarrel will be heard by the colleagues next door, so he immediately covered Lu Yali’s mouth with his hand, motioned her to lower her voice.But Lu Yali not only did not whisper, but was covered mouth also loudly, wang Peng was angry, immediately picked up the pillow next to the bed to cover Lu Yali’s head.As a result, Wang Peng did not control the time and strength, and directly suffocated lu Yali.Seeing that his wife was no longer struggling and not breathing, Wang Peng was suddenly in a panic.In fact, according to the description of Wang Peng, Lu Yali at that time there is a certain possibility of survival, but it is a pity that the unfaithful han has gone astray.”I didn’t mean to do it. I’m a murderer.No, no one can find out, no one can go to jail.”Thinking of this, Wang Peng immediately wrapped Lu Yali with a quilt and carried her to an abandoned hut near the school for a long time.After the lu Yali moved to the cabin, Wang Peng began to be suspicious, he always worried that Lu Yali did not die through, perhaps when to slow down, and then go to the police accuse him.So Wang Peng a cruel, out of the pocket knife, ruthlessly inserted lu Yali’s stomach and thigh.After inserting several knives, Wang Peng still felt uneasy, and took the stick of the cabin hard knocked on the head of Lu Yali.After determining the death of Lu Yali can no longer die, Wang Peng immediately began to clean up the scene.He carefully cleaned out all the blood in the shed from the irrigation well where the body had been retrieved, and threw away the stick and knife.Then, Wang Peng put Lu Yali’s body in the trunk of the car, drove the car to the Salt Lake District, and dumped lu Yali’s body in a dry well at will.Of course, before disposing of the body, Wang peng did not forget the last step, which was to burn the quilt wrapped around Luyali along with her clothes.After making sure everything was burnt to ashes, Wang drove away.”To be honest, after I killed her, I was also scared. My first reaction was that no one should find out.Later I pretended to be very sad, with my father-in-law to find people.It’s just that over time, I stop pretending.But later, my life is not dependable, now that you have found me, I simply confessed, is also a relief.”Formally filed a public prosecution, evidence chain shortage after wang Peng actively confessed to murder, on October 9, 2003, Linyi county procuratorate formally filed a public prosecution to Wang Peng.In the trial process, the court found loopholes, now only the physical evidence of lu Yali’s body, although Wang Peng took the initiative to explain the crime process, but he mentioned the pillow, knives, sticks all did not appear.Moreover, the fact that Wang Peng confessed to covering his face with pillows is not consistent with the blood stains in the dormitory.In that case, the chain of evidence in this case is incomplete.Therefore, according to the law, the petition of first instance was rejected by the court.Although the lawsuit was dismissed, the police did not give up.While they were holding Wang Peng, they tried their best to look for tools outside.And Wang Peng himself also changed before the active confession of the crime process style, the whereabouts of tools silent.The police have struggled to find the tools.Road home father and son worship lu Yali on the other hand, the father of lu Yali also actively cooperate with the police to find evidence together, for is to punish this abominable son-in-law.In that daughter is really hurt by Wang Peng, road father tears freely, regret not at the beginning.He went to his daughter’s grave and said to her, “It’s your father who has wronged you. If he hadn’t forced you to date and get married as soon as possible, you wouldn’t have met wang Peng, a scum, and you wouldn’t have been treated like this.”The police felt Lou Father’s pain, so they never gave up adding to the chain of evidence, even if it was hopeless.In a further preparation, in 2004, Linyi county procuratorate and wang Peng filed a public prosecution.This time, as before, the suit was dismissed for lack of evidence.But in a lawsuit filed in September, something changed.This time, Wang Peng changed the previous silent attitude in the court, directly complained to the judge: “I did not murder, I am innocent from the beginning to the end, is this group of police, they can not find the murderer of my wife, I find to answer back.They also coerced me into confessing to things I hadn’t done.”Wang Peng’s sudden reversal took us all by surprise.At the back of the court, road father directly to Wang Peng is a punch, if not the police stopped, he really want to put the beast to death.In the face of lu Fu’s anger, Wang Peng was contemptuous smile, he provoked lu Fu: “You hit ah, you hit again, your daughter will not come back.”There was no choice but to let the case go. Wang Peng was acquitted and still could not be brought to justice.Seventeen years later, DNA was taken again. For the next seventeen years, Luari’s family lived every day in pain, looking for help, offering money in exchange for more evidence in the case.And Wang Peng, he faced the media interview, is a very innocent appearance: “now no one is sure that the body found at that time is Lu Yali.My wife is dead and I’m in pain, and I want the murderer to be found as soon as possible. I don’t understand why my father-in-law has so much hate for me.”Things continued to 2019, this time, the province specially sent experts to Linyi County, formed a special case team, restarted several major cases, lu Yali’s case is one of them.Exhuming the body to make up for what happened 17 years ago.This time, the police decided to open the coffin, reextract the DNA of the dead woman.Luali’s father was grateful for the expert’s presence and pleaded with the police to help his daughter get justice as soon as possible.Two months later, DNA results came back, and this time, there was no doubt that the body was Luali’s.After identifying the body, the police further advanced the investigation of the case.The details of the task force’s work have never been revealed by the police.For now, Luari’s case remains a mystery, and the righteous still have a long way to go to punish her killer.However, we always believe that the murderer since he has done the things that harm god and reason, that he will not escape the legal punishment of the end.Lu Yali’s case so far has not a clear conclusion, in the end her husband Wang Peng is not the murderer, who also do not know.Originally Wang Peng said that the nose has eyes, the murderer’s identity is basically determined.But the doubts raised by the court do exist.No tools were found, the dictation was inconsistent with the crime scene, and the forensic report of the suffocation death was not presented.But while the killer is still at large, justice grinds slowly.There is no problem in the process of handling the case of our police. The evidence will appear more and more as the case is solved step by step.This killer, he’s gonna surface eventually.Personally destroy a life, such a wicked person, will be severely punished by the law.