Can the red envelope continue to open the door?Do not chase high, need to be wary of falling again

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Stock market ants eat elephant will record their own trading diary, share actual combat experience, progress with everyone, less detours!Do not add group, do not guide the operation, do not recommend stocks, if there is a stock mentioned in the article are required for analysis, not recommended!The following are my personal views only!Investment experience summary: to win the trend, bottom fishing would rather late one step, such as out of the trend and then enter, the trend goes bad, resolutely leave the market.Position allocation 5-3-2, 50 into the long term, 30 into the hot short term, 20 into T or new shares to pay, find a stable profit model, to achieve 5 years 10 times!The first trading day of the year of the Tiger as expected, the three major index collective high open, open the red envelope regardless of size, no problem have a share.Today everyone is very happy, so the next market can all the way up?How do we do that?From the characteristics of today’s plate, the white line has been above the yellow line, after the high index is also obvious differences, weight plate, cycle plate is today’s main long, subject matter high fall, tourism, pork, aquatic products and other popular themes before the fall today, suffered from the capital of the pressure.So can the market go straight up?How will it go in the afternoon?My point of view is that the market is difficult to directly up, maintain the point of view in yesterday’s article, because the market fell below the important support 3500 years ago, above whether the fund or retail investors, catch dish is very heavy, not after several times of repeated fall, it is difficult to achieve overnight.Of course, today’s rebound is also indispensable, mainly to the early down speed first down, only the first down speed is likely to build a bottom.Afternoon market is difficult to rush up again, pressure 3440, of course, from today’s weight stocks, the market afternoon is also difficult to fall below 3400, afternoon probability will be in 3400 to 3440 between the high shock.However, today’s jump vacancy, will be in the short term to fill, the market does not rule out falling below 3400 again, the operation must be careful to catch up, plate although there is no special bearish, but also in the rebound bottom stage, need several repeated high fall process, until the shrinkage of the situation.Now, of course, also need not pessimistic and excessively bearish, this February, the ideal situation is to be able to establish an area at the base of the market, index between 3300-3450, ran a few times more, back to blunt, blunt down, absorb the early stage of the 3500 or so hold up dish, establish the bottom area, then in the second quarter will have us do more market in an all-round way.Therefore, the most important task at present is to observe the plate, select stocks, such as profit time to attack.Now the operation strategy is to continue to do T repeatedly, strong sell, fall back, position control in 5 layers or so, until the obvious signal appears, (the bottom of the market established, or return to the trend above, in the increase of position).In addition, do not chase high, do not hit the board, the risk is too big, also do not easily heavy warehouse attack, is not safe.I wish you a long red stock market, follow the profits of the operation do not thank me, do not blame me for the loss, just a personal review and operation diary.The above content, on behalf of personal, do not give guidance, can exchange views, welcome to discuss, if you feel a little help might as well hit a reward, add a concern, or move a finger point praise, code is not easy, your support is my biggest power!