A Brief Analysis of the 46th Hexagrams “The Wind Rises” in the Book of Changes

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(Xun Xia kun shang) Remarks: Sheng, Yuan, Heng.Yes, see adults, do not worry.The Southern March, Ji.Day six: acceptable promotion, good luck.92: Fu, Yue, yue, no blame.Ninety-three: sheng, Xu Yi.64: Wang with Heng in Qishan, ji, no blame.Six five: zhen, ji, rise.1 sixth: Hades, which is conducive to the chastity of the eternal.Grant: fair, proper, offer.禴 (Yue) : Summer offering yue 禴 Xu: hill.Step: step, rank, grade.Underworld: the netherworld to which one goes after death.Breath: breath.Ascending trigrams: big tycoon chase, is conducive to see princes and nobles, don’t worry.Heading south to Gilly.Sixth day: forward and step by step development, good luck.Ninety-two: the spring sacrifice is best to use captives as human sacrifices, without disaster.JiuSan;To the cities built on the hills.June 4th: The King of Zhou held a ceremony in Qishan.Good luck, no disaster.Sixty-five: good omen, along the steps and gradually rise.Top six: round-the-clock development, in favor of continuous development of the occupy question.Like said: the earth in the birth of wood, rise;A gentleman with shunde, product small to tall.Xiangci said: trees grow on the earth, which is the image of the ascending hexagrams.The gentleman gets inspiration from the hexagrams and keeps accumulating and growing with the virtue of obedience in his heart.1. Rising refers to rising.Those who get the ascending hexagrams can take advantage of the opportunity to plot development and should take advantage of good opportunities to put their aspirations into action in the world.The ugly duckling has now become a white swan, but remember that he used to be a duck.One of the factors that contributed to the failure of Chen Sheng’s uprising was his fear that his childhood friends would accuse him of having worked as a slave in his youth.On behalf of smooth carefree, vigorous upward;Those who get this hexagram can reach a new high.”Rise”, into also, seems to rise, so there is the image of rising.The scholars came to occupy the famous, business transactions are also prosperous.Artisan trades well and farmyard crops are harvested.The sun is rising and the weather is new. Missing non-motor vehicles are reported.Fame and fortune traffic travel then desire, disease spats are effectively controlled.Up and hexagrams to wind up the hexagrams (wood) Gao Shanzhi sticks of wood, like a soft modesty of small to large, up to fang xuanling the hexagrams, and help create a dynasty, fang xuanling as period of emperor taizong of reign of prime minister, is said as the fang xuanling take to penglai herbalism, later promoted to prime minister, and created the famous “dynasty”.Fortune – the situation of the hexagrams, good or bad luck is uncertain, a small auspicious.In the case of transport, plans can be made, but not yet executed.Business – small into big, hard work benefits.Continue to grow, gradually rise, but do not rush.Love – should be developed gradually, not rushed, slowly pursued.Disease – mostly abdominal, gallbladder disease.He is very ill and may change unfavorably in recent days.Seek medical advice in the northwest.Business – start small, gradually open up, steady as well, not rash.Litigation – appropriate into unfavorable retreat, ultimately will not have great harm, prevent the harm of the name with straw head.Travel – want to move, will be a long time to do.In the north, advance is better than retreat.Life – official career did not develop, more for the people.He had a good marriage.