A 33-year-old overseas Chinese man spent $200 million chasing after his girlfriend, delayed their wedding and ended up breaking up with each other

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I am hui brother, every day with you meet the emotional world.I got a story. You got a drink?The picture is from the Internet, it will be deleted — the original article about emotion, without my consent declined to be reproduced.There is a saying: “As deep as love is, so deep is hate!”A person’s greatest despair is when after giving everything, but do not recall the outcome, so this complete failure of love will be transformed into hate, resulting in mutual hurt.In fact, love should be selfless, but also tolerant.Love a person, even despair, pain, do not lose, because all the sadness just because we still love.Truly love a person will not have hate, because love will let us learn tolerance, learn to be selfless, learn to be kind.However, a lot of people in life, when love with vigour and vitality, lightning, see each other very perfect.Can be when do not love, and desperately to slander and harm, let oneself and the other side of the shackles on the back of the spirit, on tenterhooks.Actually this again why!After all, love a, no matter what reason to separate, or should be a gentleman, magnanimous, try to do each other smile, shake hands goodbye.It’s better to keep a good memory in your heart than to be laughed at and criticized.Luo Zhao, 33 years old, recently met a worry, in order to pursue his girlfriend, he spent nearly 200W before and after, but also to talk about marriage, but his girlfriend and he played the missing.Luo Zhao is a gao fu shuai.He graduated from a famous university abroad and worked abroad for many years. Because he wanted to find a domestic girl to be his wife, he didn’t fall in love seriously.When he was 30, he returned to China, founded two language schools, and only after his business became stable did he concentrate on his personal problems.Because of his busy work, he had no time to meet girls, so he wanted to meet them through dating websites.After a few days of searching, he had a special liking for a girl named Huang Ling’s photo.According to the data, Huang Ling is 24 years old, 1.65 meters tall, is a dance teacher, looks sweet, graceful figure.In contact with each other, Luo Zhao told the basic situation of the other side, the other side is more satisfied with his conditions, so the two sides began to contact.As time went on, the two chatted well online and had a feeling that they had never met before.On one occasion, Huang Ling’s words revealed the intention of inviting friends to dinner. In order to please the girl, Luo Zhao hurriedly turned 5000 to her, making her elated.Then Luo Zhao launched a money offensive on Huang Ling, has transferred money to buy her bag, do beauty, and then simply fixed a month to 2W to each other.Although the two are not boyfriend and girlfriend and have not even met in person, Luo hopes that by spending money on each other, he can gain his partner’s goodwill and feel grateful to him.Money offensive did get the effect, Huang Ling luo Zhao more and more enthusiastic, but also take the initiative to call him, a chat is one or two hours, two people still on the Internet to “baby” commensurate.A few months later, Huang Ling came by plane to meet luo Zhao.Luo Zhao finally met myself, found her more beautiful than in the photo, so more assured and persistent pursuit.After the proposal storm, two people fell into a dispute after meeting, Luo Zhao launched a crazy offensive, began to propose to Huang Ling.Huang Ling did not refuse, but put forward a request to Luo Zhao, that is, she took a fancy to a new car, if Luo Zhao bought her, she would agree to his proposal.Luo Zhao looked, the market price of the car is not cheap, more than 500,000 yuan, which let him into a dilemma, because his money is all invested in the school, and there is no spare money in hand.After thinking about it for a few days, he made a decision: he would sell a villa abroad for a fire sale and then buy a car for his girlfriend to propose.In less than a week, Luo finished selling the house and got the money to fly to his girlfriend to choose a car with her.After buying a good car, his girlfriend was ecstatic.Luo zhao decided to strike while the iron is hot. He bought a ring and flowers and proposed to Huang Ling in public.In front of the crowd, Huang Ling excitedly accepted his proposal.Luo zhao began to think of a better life in the future, but Huang Ling asked him to give his parents some betrothal gifts.In order to complete the last linmen foot, Luo Zhao immediately spent 40W to Huang Ling parents bought a luxury car, not only that, he also sold the rest of the villa more than 90 million cash all brought to Huang Ling custody.After throwing 2 million, Luo Zhao began to prepare for marriage matters, but to his surprise, after huang Ling refused to go to marriage registration for various reasons, answered his phone also began to become impatient, and finally even often mobile phone shutdown.Seeing such a big change in his girlfriend, Luo became more and more impatient, thinking that he had paid so much for such a result, which made him upset and angry.Hate by love, hurt each other, both sides in the face of his girlfriend’s cold change, Luo Zhao thought he was cheated marriage, then decided to go to her for a statement.When he angrily fly to cummer place, think she give an account, which know two people a word disagree, produced a bigger quarrel.Huang ling’s father came to help, and the two emotional men ended in a fight that ended with Huang Ling’s father being injured.After tearing the face, two people’s feelings can not continue, Luo Zhao began to ask before sending out the bride price.In order to avoid harassment, Huang Ling returned the original 40W bought luxury car.After returning the vehicle, the two sides signed an agreement, promising not to disturb each other in the future.After a period of time, Luo Zhao feel that the three years to pay too much, then to Huang Ling to continue to ask for her before the value of more than 500,000 luxury cars.When Huang Ling saw that he had changed his mind, she refused his request and stopped answering his calls.Luo Zhao hate by love, decided to launch revenge.He and Huang Ling contact experience published online, alluding to her cheating marriage.The post sparked heated discussion among netizens, who blamed Huang.The continuous fermentation of the articles had a serious impact on Huang Ling’s life.Others looked at her with strange eyes and pointed at her behind her back. She did not dare to go out and fall in love, and there was a shadow in her heart.In order to solve this matter, Huang Ling and Luo Zhao contact, agreed to sell the car, the two sides equally sold the car, Luo Zhao agreed.After receiving the car payment, Luo zhao deleted the net post, and clarified the incident online, for Huang Ling to eliminate the impact.Huang Ling finally forgive Luo Zhao’s behavior, witnessed by a notary, the two sides signed an agreement again, made it clear that after their lives, do not disturb.After hurting each other, the couple of three years ended up parting with wounds.Conclusion: the famous sociologist my grandma said: “love is the most stupid way to break up, since love each other, why can’t break up a bit decent, magnanimous, concede a bit?”I think so.Not all relationships end well, and everyone must understand that when preparing for a relationship.No matter what the final result is, the heartbeat, pay, hug and warmth in love is a beautiful memory, even if separated, will let us think of at a certain period of time, or sweet, or sad, or regret.These are a part of our life, into our bones, is also a beautiful.In order to pursue the simplicity of love, Luo Zhao used the money offensive, which can achieve certain results in a short period of time, but love and marriage after all need a long time to get along with and management, relying on material support of love can not last, because people’s desires are always infinite.Finally fall in the circumstance that money is difficult to continue, two people go more and more far, in order to hurt each other and part company.So, when you’re looking for someone, it’s better to be realistic, sober, and plain.What do you think of Luo Zhao’s love view?You are welcome to write your shining opinions in the comments section!Since you see this, please click “like” to share it!Long press for 3 seconds to like the recommendation, you can recommend the article to more people.Thank you!(End) Author introduction: Hui Ge, a middle-aged uncle who has been running, hopes to wake up those sleepy people with his clumsy words.# Emotional story #