Zhou Qi tactics position is raised somewhat, be crushed by opponent however, blacksmith still needs oneself hard truth

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Zhou Qi scored 13 points, 8 rebounds and 4 blocked shots in 23 minutes of the Phoenix phoenix’s 94-87 Derby loss to Melbourne United.It can be said that this is the best data of zhou Qi in the last 5 games, indicating that Zhou Qi’s condition has picked up.Why Kevin improve data status began to improve, the first thing is housekeeper since food poisoning, the state started to fall, seems to be food poisoning has influence to the housekeeper or, after a period of Kevin’s body to recover, this is one reason for the housekeeper back in, more major is phoenix team boss to assistant coach to suppress housekeeper and angry, after this matter,Zhou Qi’s tactical status has been improved, his teammates have a little fear of the boss, if you don’t pass zhou Qi, the boss will be angry, after all, Zhou Qi is not an ordinary person, they are behind the huge Chinese market, Zhou Qi ball power, tactical status back, is also the reason for the recovery.However, from the point of the game, Kevin is tough enough, not on the body, not a hard fight, don’t know why, the game, Kevin and processes of the registration of disadvantage, especially in the first half, crushed by the opponent, oddly, now all opponents fear no one housekeeper, even if the housekeeper blocks, the NBL players still on housekeeper hit,Most of the time, Kevin does not know what to do in the face of such situation, or to retreat, or shooting fouls, Kevin has many times and is in the air crash was a foul, or the whereabouts of your housekeeper, and a foul is called for the foul, housekeeper hurt a bad headache, but can’t think of a solution, easily foul, this let the housekeeper helpless,It is also one of the elements that Zhou Qi is difficult to play.NBL and CBA is the biggest difference between the body against the strong, body contact, more fast speed, strong power, can be said to be the play in the NBA, the housekeeper is not very adapt to, if the speed, the housekeeper can barely cope, this are much better than Liu Chuanxing, playing in this environment, Liu Chuanxing was almost ruined, housekeeper and speed, also can stick to,But no one played positional warfare, and Zhou’s ability and talent were buried by this speed.Though the boss personally consultant, housekeeper tactical status improved, but you still have to go deep into the basket, also need to actively, driving you must have a scoring ability, can let the teammate trust you, you must have found that most of the scores are on their own in housekeeper NBL blunt secondary rebound, this is Kevin a good way to score, this requires enthusiasm,And improve the physical ability to fight, grab two rebounds, often the basket is full of people, must be crowded carry, by opening opponents to score, or that sentence, find excuses is useless, iron also need their own hard, as long as their hard, everything is guaranteed, otherwise all empty talk!