What is physical training

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Physical training includes: push-ups, squats, sit-ups, jump squats, slow climbers, lunges, pull-ups, straight punches, flat presses, shoulder touches, elbow planks, etc.Physical training, also known as physical exercise, fitness training, generally refers to all sports activities to maintain and develop proper physique and improve physical health through exercise.Push ups: Do push ups up to standard!Almost impossible, a group of 20, two to three groups a day, according to their own exercise level gradually increase the strength, practice wide arm, clamp arm, and then practice single arm……Just stick to it. It better be supervised, or one will easily give up.Jump squats: Start in a standing position, then squat down and jump up as you get closest to the ground.If the move hurts your knees, just take the first few steps and don’t jump at the end.You can do it slowly at first, and when you find it easy, you can speed it up.Straight jab: Stand with legs slightly wider than shoulder width, make fists with both hands and bend elbows to protect the side of your face, then alternately stretch your arms forward and punch.When throwing a punch, turn your body to the other side of the punch, keeping the heel of the same leg off the ground and landing on your toes to help turn and avoid twisting your knee.Elbow plank side plank: Support the floor on your elbows and land sideways with your hands on your hips and legs together to tighten your abs and hips.