More than 600 years of history of the ancient village, even the train has a special station for him, this year will explode

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There is a place in Yunnan is very magical, even the train set up station for him, this is Yunnan Tuanshan village, it is located on the edge of jianshui ancient city, connecting yunnan-Vietnam railway meter track.All pass by him, and there’s a stop.See here people can not help but ask, why such a small village can have a station?This used to be a very rich place.Tuanshan’s name translates from the local Yi language, meaning “the place where gold is buried”.It is said that the earliest inhabitants of Tuanshan Village are yi people. Tuanshan is the pronunciation of Yi people, namely “tuanshan”. It is literally translated into Chinese character “Tuanshan” in Jianshui dialect, which means a beautiful place with mountains, water, gold and silver.Tuanshan Village, known as the most exquisite village group of ancient dwellings in Yunnan, is “the original ecological village with completely preserved features of the 19th century”, with profound historical and cultural deposits.On the way to tuanshan village, a large roadside lotus land, perfect interpretation of the “reflected day lotus is not red” scenery, simply beautiful in a complete mess, let a person see and heart!.The layout and decoration of Tuanshan Village are similar to those of folk houses in The south of the Yangtze River. The buildings all face west to east, with blue tiles and white walls, and blue bricks as the skirt. The layout belongs to typical traditional folk houses in Yunnan, such as “three squares and one wall, four courtyards and five courtyards, running horses and turning turrets”.Up to now, Tuanshan Village has four well-preserved walled gates, 16 complete dwellings with traditional characteristics, one ancestral hall, three temples, and tuzhang houses with the integration of Yi and Chinese cultures.Most of them were built by the Zhang clan in the Qing Dynasty with the prosperity of Gejiu tin mine, forming caravans and spreading their business to Kunming, Shanghai, Vietnam and other places to accumulate funds and become rich. One by one, beautiful huts form the traditional residential buildings in the villages of southern Yunnan, injecting infinite vitality into the ancient villages.We entered from the east gate and left from the west gate, spending more than an hour to visit most of the village buildings, so that we do not have to go back and save more time.Just walk into a local house and you’ll see a beautiful house.Jianshuituanshan folk houses are known as “the most exquisite ancient folk houses in Yunnan”, but comparatively speaking, I prefer to call it “The Ancient City of Lunan in Yunnan”, which always brings a sense of mystery to the outside world.Tuanshan folk houses, a rare and untouched human precious heritage tuanshan folk houses in the world, these beautiful carvings are also amazing.Graphic art, lifelike carving, we appreciate a work of art at the same time to see the exquisite technology of carving master.After visiting the ancient village, we can take a small train to leave.There is no commercial atmosphere here, and occasionally some old people from the village will sit on the roadside with their own gadgets to sell. These things are quite characteristic, and they are all handmade. If you are interested, you can also bring some as travel gifts.It’s such a beautiful place. Would you like to see it?Then we took the train back to The Ancient City of Jianshui, and we could start the next step of the browsing plan.