Buy us now!Platinum studio CEO said: hope platinum quickly be acquired!

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“Please someone buy us!”It looks like the fallout from Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is still spreading.This morning, we made Angel Hunts, Metal Gear Solid Rise: Revenge, Alien Chains, Neil:Mechanical era “of the famous Japanese action game studio” platinum studio “President and CEO of rice Ye Dui aim at a network game media interview, said that platinum studio will for any proposal from another game company proposed to keep the maximum open and accept the limits of creative freedom as long as able to security,So Platinum is welcoming the takeover proposal.According to Inaba, he thinks Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard would be an unquestionably good move for both Microsoft and Activision Blizzard.And for platinum will consider the acquisition of other companies, Atsushi Inaba is blunt:”For us at Platinum, the most important thing is just the freedom to make the games we want to make, and neither Microsoft’s management after activision Blizzard’s acquisition nor SONY’s acquisition of Bungie took away that freedom or the right to make the games, and I think that’s really important.Therefore, I will not reject any kind of acquisition proposal as long as our [Platinum’s] creative freedom is still respected.”Platinum studios is still working on one of Nintendo’s core projects for THE 2022 season, One of the three ceilings of Japanese action games, Angel Hungri 3, and from the outside, it seems likely that Transboundary Chains 2 will continue to be headed by Platinum as well.However, as a “worker” now working for Ren, Platinum Studio’s OWN IP quality is indeed somewhat shameful. In recent years, platinum has only produced outstanding projects such as Neal: The Age of Machinery and Ren’s exclusive project Angel Hunting.And the old man most likely to acquire Platinum is very demanding when it comes to buying first-party studios:Sales are up to par (The Next Level’s Mario Haunted House 2 sold 5 million and Mario Haunted House 3 has sold 10 million), or game production is up to par (Monolith’s big map design and complex numerical system balancing, creative),Or an IP that has great reviews and complements Nintendo’s library of games.If you can do one of these things, you can make money.And at present, platinum to like Blizzard to sell itself at a good price, it is really quite difficult.Thank you for reading this article, I used the fancy title to attract you to click in, but it is definitely not a marketing number, meisensen, secretly playing games at work, I hope you can click on it.I will bring you fresh and interesting information from the gaming and ACG circles as soon as possible