Before she left, she cried again…This Winter Olympics, many foreign athletes were moved by China

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Winter Olympics schedule already more than half the wonderful events led to a global audience ‘enthusiasm from training, at the same time for the journey to the fact that the athletes in China experienced a comprehensive, three-dimensional, vivid games event they with all sorts of different ways of expressing love and thanks for the games village, for China “games” trip changed her life trajectory of the recent fire “miss sweet bunsElder sister “Malta athletes Janice, skin would have to be bestowed favor on newly she love to sweet buns and troubled makes netizens have message think she is lovely and inspiring, 29, Janice, skin would was the only participating athletes is also one of the the Mediterranean island of Malta in the history of the first player off the plane to attend the winter Olympic Games when she saw the epidemic prevention staff but also worried that will be very uneasyBut soon, she got into the friendly atmosphere and at the opening ceremony, like many other athletes, she posted a video recording of what she had seen as a flag bearer and praised the Chinese volunteers. “Thank you for making this event perfect,” she said.What impressed me most about China is that people here are very friendly. She likes to shoot videos and share all kinds of winter Olympics news, especially all kinds of delicious food, beef, Baked beans and potato, potato chicken soup.German snowboarder Leilani Etter posted a video of herself waiting at the airport on the day she left for China. “Everyone is tired but we are fine and happy,” she said.Laila’s white wool cap is her games village in Beijing with Chinese volunteers swaps on February 7, alpine skiing, Nina o ‘brien, of the United States women’s giant slalom game fell to the ground skiing in China the doctor to get around the wounded treatment just 1 minutes later o ‘brien sent medical surgical operation is very successful founding of yanqing the research hospital,The medical staff are operating on the woundedFounding for the research and figure o ‘brien post thanks to China’s health care “wanted to say thanks to all the people who take care of me, especially those at the finish to me and yanqing doctors and nurses” on February 9, alpine skiing athletes from Ecuador Sarah escobar share a video to show her the games village in Beijing daily life she was very pleased with your training in English and in the west”This is my daily training day in the Winter Olympics village thank you, Beijing!” the bilingual post reads.Mirza Nikolayev, a bobsledder from Bosnia and Herzegovina, recorded a thank you video saying:”I love China,Love you too “and shows himself behind the spring skiing athletes from Spain’s beau magnin bilingual in English and Chinese post has been the support of” thank you “the Canadian Olympic team wrote a thank-you note to the Chinese games team wrote” you away from your family came to help us during the Chinese New Year we are very grateful also very glad to be with youTo experience your festivals and traditions, you make us feel like family and we are happy to have established a deep friendship with you, “said Alexander Bolishunov, a member of the Russian Olympic Delegation.”It was kind of unbelievable when I came to the last lap and tears came to my eyes and I got the gold medal and I just want to say thank you to China for giving me the opportunity to be an Olympic champion here.”The Russian Olympic committee website many foreign friends to Chinese volunteers, warm and thoughtful service experience extremely profound American journalist lori nicole previously was the NBA games to broadcast journalists before leaving her many gifts also attach a note in English and Chinese to make her feel more surprise is sent gift after she got a lot of reply us journalists lori nicol abroad social mediaDisplay and volunteers exchange gifts Georgia alpine skiing athletes, nino zeke, Laurie said “China very enthusiastic volunteers to convey your own happiness to all the athletes” Japanese “Daily” reporter said volunteers “are all kind of staff under thick protective clothing is pairs of smiling eyes” Irish luge, elsa Desmond post said, “very muchThank you to all the volunteers who work so hard to make these events so special. “Before she left, she cried again.She was moved to tears by the “welcome to China” greeting from winter Olympics volunteers. As she left China, she posted a video again to share her last day in China. “I will be crying on the plane.After the outbreak will come to China again to meet in China to make new friends “continue to update the games friends circle, brush out is through the details to share with your heart is warm” into the future together “thumb up is from China, the story of the sincerity of the Chinese people’s hospitality in Beijing is a comprehensive, three-dimensional, vividly again spread to all over the world