They use “fu” “at peace” | weifang traditional Chinese lunar New Year holiday smooth operation

2022-05-12 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday in 2022, Weifang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine will continue to implement the “no holiday hospital” service. Epidemic prevention and control and medical services will be coordinated, and the overall operation will be efficient, stable and orderly, ensuring people’s health for a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, the hospital first aid center, open 24 hours emergency green channel, preview triage, fever outpatient service 24 hours accepts, expert outpatient service, medical examination, all kinds of normal operation, the operation of difficult critically ill and orderly elective surgical procedures, and partial to complete this accepts 15417 person-time, carry out the critical operation such as 171, 1131 hospitalized patients,A total of 456 patients were discharged from the hospital, 197 people were treated in fever clinics, 4,278 people were tested for nucleic acid tests, and 61 babies were delivered in the year of the Tiger.On the first day after the festival, hospital leaders visited front-line medical staff to check the operation.I am on duty during the Spring Festival and my health is not closed. It is not only the fine tradition that Weifang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has maintained for many years, but also a firm commitment to the people of Weifang.All medical staff stick to their posts to protect people’s health, interpret the hospital’s service concept of “benevolence and sincerity come first” with practical actions, and fulfill the oath of “dedication to heal the wounded and rescue the dying”.Protect life, never stop, on the road to protect the health of the people, their shadow is warm and firm.Here, I would like to pay tribute to every medical staff who worked hard during the Spring Festival.