Goodbye Xu Xin liu Shiwen, WTT official declared the grand Slam national table tennis list, fans distressed regret tears

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Goodbye Xu Xin liu shiwen, WTT officer xuan ping list, “grand slam” fans love dearly sorry tears we all know the ping team is currently in hainan for a rally, started a spring training, the next stage will be part of the young players will play to Oman WTT Oman open, of course the Oman open our country ping will not send some core players,Because Liu Guoliang pays more attention to the WTT Grand Slam, which will be officially launched in early March. This tournament is the first WTT Grand Slam after the reform of the International Table Tennis Federation. The International Table Tennis Federation also attaches great importance to the preparation of this tournament, and awards athletes in addition to the huge prize money.There will also be 2,000 championship points awarded to athletes who win championships in each sport.Enough to see that the magnitude of the international table tennis federation, this time is for the world’s top table tennis player is a great attraction, so this time competition level is comparable to high level of the Olympic Games and world championships, this time the WTT grand slam tournament will be open in Singapore began on March 7, March 20,The entire game time span is very long, so the whole competition level of attention is also unprecedented upsurge, this time the game ping to our countries how success, completely is to look at liu guoliang what sends the squad this time, this time is our country’s grand slam ping into the Paris Olympic cycle the first item of the world’s top international competition,So the result of this competition, our country table tennis veteran included the Mesozoic players.How they show in the game’s desire, also determines the future liu guoliang in some of the deployment of choose and employ persons is a new Olympic cycle, so we are very looking forward to liu guoliang will send squad to compete, especially our several veteran, like Xu Xin liu shiwen Malone, the three veteran in after entering into a new Olympic cycle,Their state now keep overall is good, if in this session of WTT on hit a grand slam more highlights of the state, their future is to have a chance to continue within the next few years will not retire, to hit the next Olympics, so this time, liu guoliang will continue to offer these veteran opportunity is also a great affirmation.Recently with the WTT has formally after the officer xuan squad, also makes the ping we sign up the list of 12 people have been officially released, after this list out, also let a lot of fans feel very love cry, because at this time the list our surprises Xu Xin liu shiwen this on ping ace mixed doubles combination of our country,Xinwen unexpectedly lost the mixed doubles competition, so it does let us feel very distressed, we feel accompanied by this time Liu Guoliang made this move, Xinwen combination missed this grand Slam tournament, means that Xinwen combination may be completely out of the stage of history.The two countries and the future ping 00 talented teenager after combination, combination of Sun Yingsha and Wang Chuqin will formally take over xin Vivian combination of mantle, become the ping ace mixed combination of choice for the future, this is really a kind of trend, but a lot of fans in the emotional or can’t accept, after all, xin Vivian combination on the championship after the WTT just to get the gold medal,To win the championship, we also think that The Country ping should give Xinwen combination to continue to trust, give them a certain opportunity, let them continue to compete with the young players.But liu guoliang obviously this time choose bold world champion combination, continue to use after Houston Sun Yingsha and Wang Chuqin, and after the two 00 player in the game is national ping 12 players, it’s only two to three players of the game, both the Sun Yingsha she will also partner with Wang Man yu of the women’s doubles match,Wang Chuqin and Fan Zhendong partnered in men’s doubles, and these two young players also signed up for men’s singles and women’s singles, which is enough to see that the team sent by the Chinese Table Tennis team has been further upgraded compared with the previous team in Houston World Table Tennis Championships.In contrast, we this time, including Malone has return back to the men’s singles match, and although Xu Xin said no final mixed doubles match, but also for the men’s singles match, this time including liu shiwen didn’t sign up mixed doubles as ours, but she had signed up for women’s singles match, it is a good idea, and we also look forward to under the manoeuvring of the liu guoliang,In the next WT T grand Slam tournament, whether the veteran or the new team can play a breakthrough result, we are also waiting to see.