Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal drought continues at Manchester United VS Southampton

2022-05-12 0 By

If you wake up early on the weekend and don’t have to go to work, catch up on today’s game.As many as 35 shows, it’s like a fair.I picked two games to play one, the first one is Manchester United VS Southampton, the battle for the fourth round of the Premier League has never stopped, Tottenham also lost the last round, and with this development, Arsenal will be on the rise, everyone is expecting the Red devils to bounce back, it is a big pull.In the other game, Lazio v Bologna, it’s not about picking the favourite, it’s about picking the one you know best.Manchester United failed to get the three points they wanted after drawing 1-1 with Burnley in the last league round.They have drawn three of their last five games and a win at next-door West Ham leaves them sixth in the table.The united team did not seem to be in form, the atmosphere was not harmonious, morale was low.Cristiano ronaldo into 2022 haven’t achieve a goal, at the same time, this is he faced since September 2010, the longest time goal drought, this also caused many people to think his honeymoon is over, with the reds, I think it has to do with Nick ashkenazi play, don’t run in ashkenazi tactics is no good, does not need to he was closing down and ole Gunnar solskjaer.In addition, Rashford, fee are also out of form, greenwood currently suspended, the winter break van der Beek, diallo, martial all on loan, United desperately need a win to ease the tension in the team.Southampton 3-2 win over spurs on the games, it is worth mentioning that this is a big reversal, 80 minutes after Southampton scored two goals, main striker Adams head-butts tie, currently top the premiership tenth, avoid relegation, their recent good form, and have made a breakthrough in the tactical team from fierce ruggedly style, other way,Until now, the use of fast-paced short passing, flexible tactics, such as Tottenham, Manchester City and other strong teams can not adapt.The current strike group consists of Bouallo and Adams, the two are also equal, together for the team 14 goals.A year ago, Manchester United’s 9-0 win over Southampton was still in the same statistical bracket as it is now, and united’s image was far from that of last year, with saints’ draw at Manchester City and comeback against Tottenham raising their profile.But the thickness of the two teams compared, Manchester United advantage, saints have just experienced tottenham this battle, this game must be rotated.Against this backdrop, United are expected to bounce back.Lazio vs Bologna Bologna’s last round 0-0 draw with Empoli makes one win out of their last four.Only two goals were scored.Appear front weak symptom, top scorer our acquaintance Anutovic also entered the goal shortage, slow to find the state.He hasn’t scored in three months.Currently 13th in serie A, with 28 points, there is not much pressure to avoid relegation this season and there is not much competition in the future.Both teams have not been in good form recently, it was lazio’s second game in two days, fresh from a big match, and there is no guarantee of fitness.Look at lazio’s last six home games, one win and five draws, not great.In this case, data surface three start, and did not underestimate the meaning of the Blue Eagle, Lazio is expected to take home three points.If there are any other sessions you’d like to talk about, we’ll start down there.For more exciting content, come and follow ah-Ken football notes