Another job with “new requirements”?If you don’t have one, you’ll be kicked out of the team.

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We always say that “work with certificates”. Now many posts in the society, if they are professional, have “certificates” is the most basic threshold.For example, accountant on guard should have accountant card, teacher on guard should have teacher card.Even if it is not for finding a job, there are many people who take the certificate to enrich themselves.Some people even feel that the certificate shows that they are qualified for the relevant work, just hold it in hand is also the embodiment of strength.Now there are many posts in order to standardize the recruitment standards, will be “certificate on duty” as one of the most necessary conditions.If it is a very high value certificate, it can bring additional income for the holder.So it’s always good to have a little more certification in your hand.Also, if you decide to go into a profession in which certification is required, we’d better have it in hand.On the one hand, many mandatory requirements of the “certificate” on the enterprise, the first will not have a certificate of personnel brush down.On the other hand, with a certificate in hand, the treatment may be better than others!In a word, it’s not a bad thing to get more certificates. If you have relevant career needs, certificates can be a stepping stone.This is not, there is a post compulsory requirement to have a certificate now, if “without a certificate on guard” be checked, many people can be punished!Although the certificate does not represent everything, and the professional skills of the person without a certificate may not be more professional than the person with a certificate, but now there are requirements, welder this kind of work, without a certificate or certificate expired, will be severely punished!Our country has provisions, welders as special operators, should actively respond to the policy, obtain the corresponding qualifications in accordance with the law, with the certificate on the job.And, the relevant departments will also carry out spot checks on the welder certificate, if found, not only is the person who did not hold the certificate will be punished, even recruit enterprises will be punished.Warning, fine or detention shall be given to those who, according to serious circumstances, conduct electric welding or gas welding operations without a license, or employ, instil or force others to conduct electric welding or gas welding operations without a license.If the circumstances are serious, those who start a fire without a license may face criminal liability.Some people may say that many of the older generation of electrical welders do not have a certificate, but is it no problem?Moreover, many workers without certificates have much more experience than those with certificates, and the chance of accidents is very low.Having said that, electrical welder is a technical work, but also a meticulous work, the requirement of “certificate”, because this group of people have received professional training, there is the relevant knowledge accumulation.At the same time, the “license holder” is also intended to regulate the industry and keep inexperienced people out.All in all, there may be many undocumented people with better skills than undocumented people, but under the regulations, even so, the licensed people have an advantage over the undocumented in the process of finding a job.If the “certificate” becomes a hard condition, even if the experience is sufficient, no certificate is empty talk.