Three peak cool article recommendation, the protagonist is brave and wise, plot development makes blood surging

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Babies, don’t be afraid of the book shortage these days!Dear me, I am frantically scanning books to prepare a list of excellent books for you. As a senior fan, it is not recommended if it is not fine books.Beautiful words remember to collect not lost yo.Today is recommended to you: three peak cool article recommendation, the protagonist is brave and wise, the development of the story is passionate.The first: “unique sword god” author: dark dragon introduction: day ling mainland, wu Dao honour!The strong can roam heaven and earth, mighty mountains and rivers!The sun and the moon discoloration, hand over the collapse of the sky!The young martial arts master Lin Chen of Divine land, accident is taking a mysterious small tripod to come to this world, become wild goose south domain the outside door disciple of extremely zong.Since then, the vast sea by diving, high sky birds fly!And see Lin Chen how to set foot on the peak step by step in this different world, Ling Jiuxiao, break ten thousand rob, eventually become a generation of peerless sword god!Into the pit guide: green cattle village village head trembling wei came from the village head, with tears in the eyes, is clearly heartfelt gratitude Lin Chen can kill fire demon Wolf.For a powerful warrior, fire Wolf may not be a big deal.But Qingniu village is just a place where ordinary people live. Even though the villagers here are strong enough to compete with ordinary beasts, they are no match for the fire Wolf.If the fire Wolf is allowed to roam, the entire village of Qingniu will have to leave or die here.Lin Chen beheaded the fire demon Wolf, green cattle village villagers natural Thanksgiving dai Dai.Lin Chen shook his head, swing a hand way: “we need not be so, cut off the fire demon Wolf is my task, we tianji zong has the obligation to ensure the safety of the door range.””Killing this monster may be just a mission of the clan, but for us, it is a living bodhisattva to save our village!Thank you, Little Xia.”Green cow village village head repeatedly said.”Xie Shaoxia!”Thank you for saving our Green cow village!”The villagers of qingniu Village have opened their mouths.Lin Chen nodded slightly, then, the fire demon Wolf body useful material cut down, Lin Chen will be in the green cattle village villagers grateful eyes, riding green Wu ma, went straight to the Heaven.A day later, the inner door of tianji Temple task.Linchen handover after the task, and see up in the task temple.Two star task kill fire demon Wolf, Lin Chen only spend a few days to complete.It is important to kill fire demon Wolf in behead, Lin Chen has not yet used full strength, the two star task, obviously is not Lin Chen limit.Introduction: thirty thousand years ago, the Botian tribe, who claimed to be the “god”, invaded the spirit realm, and the Hundred people rose up against it, but failed in the final defeat. The Human tribe was the first to defect, and the hundred people subsequently surrendered.For the next ten thousand years, all races were enslaved by the Botian, treated harshly and lived in a shadow of terror.Fighting day clan expedition steps, did not stop, with the spirit domain as the start into each big secret environment space, making enemies around the war, war force consumption is huge, was eventually found to the opportunity to defeat, must not not far escape outside the stars.Thirty thousand years later, in the era when The Botian clan had become an ancient legend, a boy with amnesia who had the blood of the Botian clan was foster to a small family, languishing and waiting for the day when his blood would awaken.Guide to entering the pit: In Li Ji shop, Lingcai Business Street, Qin Lie points a finger on the board, his spiritual consciousness is wandering, and his spiritual power is like an electric current.For more than a month, he had not practiced the spiritual array drawing. Now, when he started to do it, he did not feel awkward at all. Instead, he felt an unspeakable joy in his heart.Heaven and earth were still.His eyes, his perception of the world, are all the augmentations in the board.There is nothing else.It’s an obsession!– It is the obsession with the spirit array diagram. Only when you become infatuated with the magic, can you let the metallizer enter this kind of wonderland.His spiritual consciousness, soul, five senses and emotions are all attached to the world of the spiritual circle, making him forget the existence of the real world.At this moment, he seems to have become a wandering soul in the spirit array diagram. Moved by the soul, the spirit line winds along, and the vein of the increasing spirit array diagram is developing clearly…Almost no stagnation, almost no sense of the passage of time, the spirit of self-absorption, the rapid formation of the spiritual matrix.He worked hard, with the spirit and soul of the royal movement of the spirit force, in the world of the spirit board, the perfect depiction of the increase of the spirit array.All in one go.Misty cyan light, suddenly released from the hands of the board, the board becomes crystal clear, texture becomes bright, as the material itself has changed.(click below free reading) the third: “unique soul” author: Luo Chengdong introduction: the dragon vein mainland, ten thousand tribes brim, zong door countless, the warrior for honour.The strong destroy the earth, the weak creep like ants.Young Chen Feng, dantian such as iron, unable to practice, suffered cold eyes.Accidentally got to zunlong blood, mysterious ancient tripod, from the rise of the sky, out of the sky!Charming fox, lengao Queen, Mormon demon, protoss princess, all in my arms.Repair supreme inheritance, coagulation the strongest soul, with the United States, proud.Into the pit guide: a person repeatedly lift a card, it seems to this thing is determined to obtain, but with his rob of many people, he every bid were pressed down.He seemed impatient, and suddenly stood up and scanned the room.He was a thin, haggard old man, with white hair and beard, and eyes as cold and cruel as those of a viper, and a ghastly air about him.He was very small and had no strong momentum, but when he glanced, no one dared to make eye contact with him.Anyone who came in contact with his eyes lowered their heads.It seems the man is terrible!The old man looked around, saw the public reaction, satisfied with the nod.”I am Dongfang Lin, pharmacist of Baishicheng Erpin Refining. Many of you here must know my name.Now I am refining a very important medicine, which lacks the prescription of the black blood snake’s deadly poison!””I searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. Unexpectedly, xie’s auction turned up!””I am determined to have it!How about selling the old man a face?”When he opened his mouth, no one spoke.After a moment, just have way: “since Oriental adult you all say so, we certainly don’t contend, Oriental adult you buy go!”Unwilling as they were, they dared not resist.Oriental Lin in the white stone city fierce name plain, this person is not only the master of refining medicine, two products refining pharmacist, but also the master of refining poison.The poison he’s concocting, it’s extremely spicy, and it can make the dead look horrible before they die.He is also very ruthless, once there was a small family just offended him, he was poisoned in the well water, that family up and down more than 300, overnight all poison died.(Click below to read for free.) That’s it for today’s picks. What are some of the best novels you’ve read?Look forward to your comments in the comments section, oh, good things to share with you.Past wonderful review “through the maiden to escape” through into chongxi bride, has not yet married husband died in the door 3 old drivers are difficult to top of the palace, she all lively, read all empty “bully love prisoner pet:Emperor little escape love new wife “he ruthless hot and cold blood to revenge her, forced her to accompany him for seven days 2 quality not to lose” big in dozen more people “fairy novel, more see more taste, book shortage please enter” fodder female with two marry tactics “was split by lightning wear books, into two chapters on the death of the female, but pregnant dragon seed