Before the National football team meets Vietnam, make a major change!Break the tradition and do not give fans trouble on the first day of the New Year

2022-05-11 0 By

China beat Vietnam 3-1 yesterday to advance to the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup and to the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia, a success for The Chinese men’s national team.Next, Chinese football will officially enter the men’s football moment.China’s national football team has failed to qualify for the Qatar World Cup after being ground to the ground by Japan.Then, on the first day of the New Year, they face a battle for honor, a battle they can’t afford to lose, a battle for dignity that can’t be turned into a prophecy by Fan Zhiyi’s famous words.Major changes have been made to China’s national football team ahead of the crucial match, Beijing Youth Daily reported.As we all know, the National football Team has always had a pre-match ritual of form rather than meaning, that is, “pre-match mobilization”.The football association or other leaders will visit the dressing room and give a passionate speech to the national players.Through language art, we try to make our national players’ morale high and activate their potential superpowers.Then he beat his opponent on the court and won the game with all three points.In fact, however, such pre-game mobilization has become a formality for older players, basically going in one ear and out the other.And for the young players have become a kind of pressure, a variety of interests so that they can not put their hands and feet on the pitch, can not play their due strength.Now, the National football Team has made a major change and decided to cancel the pep rally.Whether because the National football team failed to qualify for the World Cup, was abandoned in advance.Or because it is the Lunar New Year, do not want to give the national players too much pressure.Or maybe the Japanese men’s soccer team woke up and stopped doing all that useless work, but it was a good change.Personally, I hope that the National football Team can continue this significant change to all the following matches.Remove all the unnecessary pressure and leave more time for the national players to prepare and rest and focus on the game.At present the strength of this team, compared with Vietnam or a certain advantage.So, the individual for tomorrow evening 20 o ‘clock of this game, or quite optimistic.Of course, the premise is that Li Xiaopeng is willing to make some changes.From the last game, the National football team was pressed on the ground by Japan friction process.The state of Wu Lei, the first star of The National football Team, is greatly affected by the cold bench in the league, and can be said to be the worst performance of the National football team last game.This game, if the state is still not good, Li Xiaopeng guidance can consider let Wu Lei substitute.Veteran midfielder Hao Jun-min will not be part of the team as Vietnam is typically a quick and speedy team. He is not physically strong enough to cope with Vietnam’s quick and speedy players.Dai Weijun, 22, can replace Hao Junmin in China’s starting line-up.In addition, Yan Junling nearly 1 years in the performance of the national football team can not be satisfied.Under the influence of Wang Dalei’s injury, Li Xiaopeng’s guidance can completely consider liu Dian.As for the naturalized players, as long as physical fitness allows must all start.Whether from the performance of Alan in the last game, or the previous round of 12 matches, the consciousness and basic skills of naturalized players, N levels higher than the local international.They stand on the field, for the National football team is a kind of guarantee.In this way, the first day of the National football team will not give fans more trouble!