165 square meters practical family size, master bedroom with corner balcony

2022-05-11 0 By

Today appreciate a 165 square meters home family model, this model has unique in the internal design, the whole room is big, deep and short, forming a golden proportion.The silhouette is square. Let’s get a feel for it.After the child mother door enters a door, it is the porch that opens open, north side can make a temporary shoe cap wear, place the article of a few access, extremely convenient.To the south is a multifunctional room that can be used as a guest room or a study, yoga room or gym.The middle guest restaurant is transparent from north to south, and the dining room and kitchen are arranged horizontally.North still has working balcony, function is all ready, sitting room south still surrounds connect body balcony, can satisfy a variety of outdoor interest.The whole house has clear separation of movement and movement, and there are three rooms in the rest area.North and south secondary lie area is very rich, from the north side of the dry and wet separation of the bright window toilet close at hand.The most special when belong to advocate lie, there is double row walk-in cloakroom among, and can place adorn article ark, north side is dry wet separation toilet.The east side is surrounded by the corner balcony, and you can breathe fresh air in the morning.How do you feel about the overall layout?