The national Speed Skating Hall enters the competition state: perfect the pre-competition work

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The Chinese short track speed skating team trains at the Capital Gymnasium in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 1, 2019.With the arrival of athletes from various countries, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games venues into the state of competition.The reporter recently learned in the National Speed skating hall, as of January 30, the hall has 17 countries and regions of 150 athletes on the ice training.Zhou Qiurui, executive deputy director of the operation team of the National Speed Skating Center, said, “Under the leadership of Canadian experts hired by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games, Chinese and Canadian ice makers jointly completed the ice making work of the National Speed Skating Center.The ice is very beautiful and smooth. Athletes from all over the world gave feedback that the ice is very smooth.”In addition to “connotation”, the “high appearance level” of the national speed skating hall is also favored by athletes from all countries.Zhou Qiugrui introduced that almost all foreign athletes, the first thing to come to the stadium is not training, but taking photos, which also explains the charm of the stadium from the side.While the athletes are training, the venue etiquette team is rehearsing the post-match flower laying ceremony.The podium, music, broadcasting and other forms of exercise are just like the competition.According to Zhou, according to practice, the national Speed Skating Hall will hold pre-competition training in the next few days. They will determine the pre-competition training process and time according to the needs of each team, and the Chinese speed skating team will also participate in the training.”There will be pre-match training tests in the next few days. We will arrange the test sequence according to the needs of each team and conduct the test after pre-match training.”In addition to athletes, referees and international organization officials will also enter the final stages of preparation.According to Zhou qiugrui, this competition, the International Skating Federation appointed two technical representatives, 11 technical officials, they are mainly responsible for the Winter Olympics speed skating competition referee.In order to better organize the competition, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee also sent a team of 60 judges to participate in the competition.In addition, to ensure the ice is perfect, eight skaters are arranged to try before each race.In addition, 60 volunteers were involved in organizing the competition.They can be seen in the traffic area infield, some sports warm-up areas, athletes’ rest areas, and international organizations’ rest areas and work areas.At present, all the volunteers have been in place.According to the report, the volunteers in the stadium should not only provide services for the guests, but also remind the guests, especially the athletes, to do a good job of epidemic prevention and avoid crossing routes.”Every athlete who has qualified for the Winter Olympics has trained for many years and put in a lot of effort. It’s not easy.We want people to maintain social distancing from the athletes to ensure their health.”Zhou qiurui said.The reporter saw from the scene that in order to ensure the training quality of each team, the National Speed Skating Hall in addition to the guarantee of competition level, there are many considerate measures:When an athlete asks for a bit of music during training, the stadium staff will play the music they like. If the athlete does not specify any music, the stadium will choose the music according to their country of origin.It is reported that on the first day of open training, when the Italian team entered the stadium, the song in Italian immediately started.Zhou Qiurui told reporters that the meticulous service resulted from several months of efforts in various fields.Everyone has accumulated a lot of experience from the test events to now, and after each test event, the questions are sorted out.”We come from different teams and work in different positions, but after months of working together, we all know how to cooperate with each other and how to make the venue run smoothly.”In the last few days before the competition, in addition to holding pre-competition training and testing activities, the operation team of the National Speed Skating Hall will also conduct several rehearsals with the broadcast team and sports exhibition team to optimize various processes and ensure the smooth running of the competition.