The fifth day of the first lunar month is also called “Po Wu” to send the god of poverty to welcome the god of wealth

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In the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, the fifth day of the Lunar New Year is also known as the “Break Five Festival”.In the custom, the fifth day to pick up the god of wealth, send the poor god, the five poor away, but also picked up the broom to clean out the garbage, with the good wishes of dispelling evil, avoiding disaster and praying.In the old days, there were many superstitious taboos during the Spring Festival among the Chinese people, such as cooking with uncooked rice and women sewing with needles.After the fifth day, these taboos are lifted, hence the name “Po Wu”.Habitually, after the “break five festival”, wuxingba just officially opened in the business, such as changes in shop surface, counter increase and decrease of the move, generally more in the sixth day.According to Chinese folklore, the fifth day of the first lunar month is the birthday of the God of wealth.According to old customs, shops of all sizes would close at the beginning of the New Year, and on the fifth day of the first lunar month, every family would reopen.We smell the cock crow, set off firecrackers, and hung red cloth on the recruit, drink the god of wealth wine.There must be a large carp in the offering, “li” is a homonym for “li”, so the fish is called “ingot fish”.3, send the poor fifth to meet the god of wealth, also want to send the poor god, now there are still many places fashionable catch “five poor” customs, “five poor” refers to the poor, poor, poor life, poor five poor god (ghost).The easiest way to send the poor is to throw the garbage out of the door in the morning with firecrackers. This custom is also called “sending the poor soil”, which means offering the god of poverty.In addition, on the fifth day of the first lunar month, people had to eat a lot of food, commonly known as “filling the poor pit”.On this day, Chinese folk custom is to eat dumplings, commonly known as “pinch little mouth”, meaning to avoid slanders.Sweep the house On the fifth day of the first month, there is the custom of sweeping the house, which is to give the home a thorough cleaning.Because the twelfth lunar month 30 to the fifth day of the first month before, is generally not allowed to do sanitation, sweeping the floor can only be swept in the house, garbage can only be put on the corner of the house, to the fifth day of the first month can be swept out of the home garbage.In many areas of the north, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year is inseparable from an immutable folk custom, that is, eating dumplings. On this day, every family eats dumplings, and when cutting fillings, cutting boards should be ding Dong, so that the neighbors can hear.If in the New Year’s Eve to eat dumplings is more on behalf of reunion, then the fifth day to eat dumplings can not have a moral: break five eat dumplings commonly known as “pinch the mouth of the villain”, folklore so can avoid the evil villain slanders.