Laoshan “digital urban management” to force, before the Spring Festival to focus on ensuring the city appearance and environment “clearance”

2022-05-10 0 By

Peninsula media reporters Phoebe correspondent Zhang Wenhao Spring Festival approaching, to protect citizens live a clean and neat, happy and peaceful Spring Festival, laoshan district, city administration continued to carry out the city environmental sanitation special search collection and treatment, on the back streets environment health, trash can health cleaning, a farmers’ market order around the city, such as all-round inspections,Give full play to the advantages of digital urban management, efficiently collect and transfer cases, improve the quality of city appearance and environment, and create a harmonious festival atmosphere.Before the Spring Festival, digital urban management collectors of the District Urban Management Bureau will carry out key inspections on environmental hygiene, city appearance order, security risks and other problems, and report and transfer problems as soon as found.Through the special inspection, analyze the cause of the problem, accurately decompose the responsible units, and promote the rectification with points and areas.We will implement a mechanism of “re-handling and re-supervising” some difficult problems that are not highly efficient or thorough in rectification, so that problems do not accumulate or remain.During the Spring Festival, digital chengguan collectors will continue to patrol the grid, take turns on duty, tighten the awareness of “go to work”, timely report and dispose of security risks found, and stick to the front line of chengguan positions.According to understand, to protect city laoshan area clean and tidy environment, problems timely transferred case, digital urban management at the disposal of the relevant data case, the digital platform on the day of the complete case reported cases sent, regularly check the responsibility unit disposal to the case, the daily statistics disposal on time rate, level of this week, this month treatment of relevant data statistical analysis respectively,Special personnel to call to urge handling, improve the effectiveness of case supervision.Since 2022, digital urban management of the District Urban Administration has handled 8,574 cases by category, including 6,527 cases of city appearance order, 880 cases of environmental health, 527 cases of publicity and advertising, and 640 other cases.Laoshan district city administration yong-qiang zhao said: “before and after the Spring Festival, we will continue to keep the digital urban management information collection, improving the quality of laoshan digital urban management case to handle, adhere to the” little problem check stood change, big reconciliation XiaoHao ‘, speed up the case send and verification, the strict control of high standard, strict and detail case link “.Next, laoshan district, city administration will also integrated the actual situation of the district to strengthen multiple prone, influence city’s appearance environment health, efforts to deal with such problems as citizens travel security, continue to improve the coordination mechanism, strengthen the communication with the relevant departments of the coordination, ensure the timely and effective disposal, administrative problems can be ensured to urban management measures,Let the general public spend a harmonious and beautiful Spring Festival.