Honor of Kings returns to top spot with $157 million in Revenue in January

2022-05-10 0 By

I believe we all have the feeling that every time the king comes to an important festival, there will be a lot of activities online, January is such, so the income will increase accordingly.There are many new skins and activities in January, including KPL limited, Journey to the West limited, Youth Final season return, new season order, Han Xin limited skin, Year of the Tiger limited skin, 6 yuan skin, the first day of new Glory Collection.Among them, journey to the West limit and six-yuan skin are the most popular. After all, the former is a childhood memory, while the latter has been well received.So incomes are rising.According to official figures, IOS alone generated $157 million in revenue, up from last year and beating other games to the top spot.Many players said that they also have their own credit, do you have money in January?It is also expected that February’s figures will only increase.One is that the five years of line, so far it seems that sales are good.On the other hand, valentine’s Day skin skin is coming online, yaoyao’s data is certainly not bad.The most important thing is pure white flower to return, in order to get the skin that has not been online for a long time many players have started the lottery, it is estimated that the people involved will not be less.Has anyone collected any money in the last two months?Welcome message interaction ~