Guanshan Sub-district of Guanshan Lake district organized nucleic acid emergency drills for all personnel

2022-05-10 0 By

In order to effectively improve the capacity for emergency response to the epidemic, make full preparations for nucleic acid testing, and implement the requirements for epidemic prevention and control in a scientific, standardized and timely manner.Recently, guanshan Sub-district of Guanshan Lake district organized an emergency drill for nucleic acid testing for all staff, with more than 50 people in charge of each center (station) and village (residence) and the head of each sampling point participating.The drill site specifications set up temperature measurement waiting area, information registration area, sampling area, temporary isolation area and other functional zones, and set up a clear guide mark in each area.The staff will explain in detail the requirements for setting up functional areas, responsibilities of personnel in each area and emergency measures in case of emergencies.Doctors and medical volunteers from Guanshan Street Health Service Center also demonstrated the skills of putting on and taking off health protective clothing and matters needing attention for personal protection.After the field drill, each village (neighborhood) under the guanshan Sub-district jurisdiction carried out the drill respectively, aiming to give the personnel participating in epidemic prevention and control a deeper understanding of nucleic acid testing procedures, responsibilities and precautions.In the next step, Guanshan Sub-district will continue to strengthen epidemic prevention and control efforts, constantly build a solid foundation of epidemic prevention and control, and make every effort to ensure a stable regional epidemic situation.Author: Zhao Xue Correspondent: Zhou Hai Editor: Wu Lulan