Zhuhai induction door automatic door manufacturer price automatic door size flat door

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There are many kinds of automatic doors, but also according to the central use of some classification, among them, there is a kind of automatic door called toilet.Automatic door, in fact, is able to fold the door into several sections of the door together, this kind of door opened to save a lot of space, and the central is very small, many buildings will use automatic door, if the room with small space opened the door will be stuck on the wall, this situation can also choose automatic door.Automatic toilet doors, deny or agree?Device toilet automatic door, many people after the use of the comments are different, fundamentally can be roughly divided into two kinds: one is a denial, they think that the device toilet automatic door is easy to hide bacteria, and after a long time, the toilet automatic door will become bad, and very easy to break;And the other one agrees, they think that the installation of automatic toilet door compared to save space, on the small area of the toilet is very good;The most rational use of course is to think that there are advantages and disadvantages.Zhuhai Mijia automatic door technology Co., Ltd. is an electric door installation, automatic door maintenance, induction door installation, automatic revolving door, maglev automatic door installation, maintenance of automatic door, linkage door installation consulting, design, sales, technical guidance.