Xiling No.2 Expressway control!The most complete walkthrough is here!

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Yichang city public security bureau traffic police detachment of xiling 2 expressway maintenance construction implement traffic control during the period of notice for xiling 2 expressway maintenance engineering construction, to ensure that during the construction of road traffic safety and smooth, according to the law of the People’s Republic of China on road traffic safety law and its implementing regulations and other relevant laws and regulations,The traffic police Detachment of Yichang Municipal Public Security Bureau has decided to implement traffic control on some sections of Xiling No.2 Expressway. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:Ii. Control period from March 8, 2022 to the end of construction (expected period of 26 days).(3, 1, xiling 2 controls expressway along the avenue to the east avenue) implements the one-way, allow vehicles are driven by the riverside avenue east road direction, in a riverside avenue to dongshan road section in the direction of the vehicle to borrow to lane, 40 km/h speed limit, a ban on vehicle by the east avenue toward the direction along the avenue;2, close xiling Road 2 expressway (chengdong Avenue to Yanjiang Avenue direction) Yichang Marine diesel engine plant entrance ramp, Jindi Huacheng entrance ramp, forbid vehicles into.Jindi Huacheng entrance ramp closed Yichang Marine diesel engine plant entrance ramp closed four, detour prompt the original xiling second Road express road from xiazhou Avenue to xi Yangtze River bridge direction across the river traffic vehicles can choose the following detour: 1, Sanjiang bridge – West dam – to Xi Yangtze River bridge – point military direction;2. Yiling Yangtze River Bridge — military direction;3, along jiang Dadao – to xi Changjiang River bridge – point military direction.The city’s road traffic participants shall consciously abide by the relevant provisions of road traffic safety laws and regulations, conscientiously implement this circular, reasonably plan the travel route and time, and pass according to the traffic signs on site.Any violation of road traffic safety laws and regulations, the traffic administrative department of the public security organ will be dealt with according to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations;Those who obstruct law enforcement shall be subject to administrative detention by the public security organ according to the Law on Punishments for Public Security Administration;If a crime is committed, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.Yichang Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment March 3, 2022 Source: Yichang Traffic Police