Tencent film main body into CDG, Tencent want to rely on “big entertainment” PK bytes?

2022-05-09 0 By

In 2022, ByteDance began to conquer the entertainment landscape.Bytedance is striving to compete with Tencent and Alibaba in the entertainment sector, as it has acquired ticketing platform “Yingtopang” and comic book platform “Always Watch Comic,” launched a new product with a paid novel model called “Douwen Novel,” and launched a music App called “Sodamusic,” which was revealed to be in private beta at the end of last year.Tencent, one of the dominant players, has not been idle.Pinguo Finance learned that on February 10, according to jiemian news exclusive news, the main part of Tencent Pictures will be adjusted from PCG (platform and content business group) to CDG (enterprise development vision group), while Cheng Wu, president of Tencent Group and CEO of China Text will continue to lead the business segment.After this adjustment, Tencent Pictures will serve as the film and television label of Tencent, focusing on the development of melody works of The Times and assuming more social responsibilities.Tencent Pictures’ original strong commercial property of IP film and television development will be handed over to China Literature Group’s Xinli Media, China Literature Film and Television, as well as PCG’s Tencent Animation.Although in the short term, byte will not have much impact on Tencent’s entertainment “leader”, it is clear that Tencent is not too dismissive of this upstart who has overturned the domestic Internet landscape.For Tencent, Bytedance, which has captured the era of short video and has a 600m traffic pool, is a serious rival.But in the Internet dividend peak at the moment, traffic is no longer the primary target of the entertainment market.In essence, entertainment consumption is more spiritual consumption, so the core is to have high-quality content on the platform, which is the core of building large entertainment.Hence, it is understandable why Tencent would choose to adjust the structure.Relying on reading, Tencent occupies half of the network text world, surrounded by many network text IP or god writers.With this as the core, Tencent Animation, Tencent Pictures, Tencent Video, TME and China Literature Group are connected together to build the whole Tencent entertainment ecological matrix.This merges Tencent pictures into CDG, also is having such a consideration undoubtedly.It can be foreseen that, in byte stir, the big entertainment market in 2022, obviously will not be peaceful.For more highlights, check out Pinecone Finance