Fight through the sky: ancient eight families, who is the real genius

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Fight through the Sky: Who is the real genius in the eight ancient families the eight ancient families are the real big family in Central Asia, how strong is the strength of the eight ancient families?Any big family would make a big splash in Central Asia.In ancient times, the eight ancient families had the existence of the Dou Di strong, and after stepping on the dou Di realm, there will be the birth of the Dou Di blood, the dou Di blood is extremely strong, the eight ancient families are countless strong, the most important reason is that they have the existence of the Dou Di blood.Emperor veins can quickly improve the strength, can fight the emperor veins also has a big drawback, the family of the younger generation too dependent on emperor veins, it will also lead to the foundation of their vain, blind increase strength, once after reaching bucket Buddha realm, emperor blood will begin to weaken the effect of, set foot on a pipe after st, dou emperor veins can even become burdensome.Family, no matter what is impossible, in order to let the family continue, ancient eight big family inside will develop some of the young fellow students, let these young players familiar with family in advance, do some family inheritance, and even less will also choose the heads of the fathers to take over the family transaction, the size of the eight big family with many geniuses.Today we are going to talk about the top talents of the eight families.Spirit is the soul of the soul of the wind wind, less soul day emperor at the helm of the soul for one thousand years, the family has no immediate intention of abdication, so the soul wind just has a little of the heads of the title, the soul but the wind is the most outstanding talent, the family at a young age he made two stars, and the future of the future is limited, it is a pity, in after the war was ZSZSZSZ shut out!Ancient GuQingYang talent the strongest is not within the ancient clan GuQingYang, instead is kaori, can be cured because, otherwise, don’t want to take over the family size affairs, GuQingYang became the ancient clan in cultivating object, GuQingYang talent, although not as good as cured son, but also of one’s existence, GuQingYang as black Yan army commander-in-chief, within the tribe is beyond embalm the strongest young talent.Gu Qingyang and the ancient demon and others are different, Gu Qingyang broad-minded, willing to make friends with the level of the strong, also help Xiao Yan many times, Xiao Yan is also very respect for Gu Qingyang.Inflammation of dazzle dazzle ZSZSZSZ fire in fire the first feeling is not bad, in the tomb tour day, dazzle is phlogistic fire’s representative, the strength is very strong, has a different list ranked sixth eight drought burst fire inflammation, at the time of the first meeting, fire has deliberately close to dazzle ZSZSZSZ, want to have the good fortune and ZSZSZSZ, instead, his sister fire childish, but ZSZSZSZ didn’t take it to heart.Ray ray ray win win is ray communites, less blood not short on talent embalm son, the future can set foot on nine stars st state, the original ancient want marriage and family, the family and marriage of the two sides is kaori son and ray to win, but also good embalm son chose to refuse, thunder win and ZSZSZSZ first meet, then, in the face of the rival, ZSZSZSZ also did not leave a hand, destroy cast heavy-handed,After the thunder clan all talented young together, but still not Xiao Yan’s opponent.Medicine medicine day medicine is introduced by the representative of medicine, medicine of the doudi blood has signs of decline, so the strength of medicine day is not as good as Gu Qingyang et al., medicine day person is extremely conceit, will not put anyone in the eyes, many times to humiliate Xiao Yan, when medicine after the fall, medicine day just wake up, unfortunately too late.As for the spirit clan and the stone clan, although the introduction of a representative, but after the soul clan secretly destroyed, there is basically not too much scene, so not mentioned here.