A pupil asks a delivery boy to help him with his homework after a bizarre takeaway order

2022-05-09 0 By

Takeout this industry has been popular, many families will use, as long as it is convenient.A primary school student in Bengbu has hired a delivery man to help him with his homework in order to avoid homework problems.Besides, he left a message on the delivery order, gave a red envelope of thanks after finishing his homework, and even gave a five-star praise to the delivery clerk.The incident was later posted online by the delivery man, who said: “It’s really hard to deliver food these days, and I have to do homework for primary school students.The main is that now the homework of primary school students are multifarious, feel that their knowledge is not enough.There are a lot of netizens said: today’s children are too smart.I’ll do anything to get out of homework.Primary school students now have a lot of homework, some parents in order to better children’s learning, for children to hire private teachers to make up for the children’s lessons, more some parents for children to sign up for a variety of after-school tutoring and interest classes.Such behavior makes children’s pressure more and more, leading to many children do not seriously study, resulting in a decline in academic performance.First of all, as a food delivery platform, it is necessary to implement regulatory policies to prohibit such orders. Such behaviors are “harmful to nothing” for minors.In recent years: all kinds of strange take-out orders often occur, which is a big income for the take-out platform, but also causes many bad things.For example, the child uses takeout to let strangers into his home. If the child has a security accident or loses valuables at home, the first suspect is the takeout man.The child’s guardian has the right to demand financial compensation from the platform and the delivery man.As a supervisor, the delivery platform is also the provider, which is responsible for the lax review of the delivery order.As a parent: if something like this happens, there is also an unshirkable responsibility, so parents must be strict with their children, give the right guidance, do not blame the child after bad factors.Parents are children’s first teachers, as parents need to give their children a good example, so as to guide children to learn, rather than indulging children to learn by themselves.Because children have no resistance to new things, many children have problems in learning because of curiosity, which leads to a decline in children’s academic performance.Many parents are not aware of this.Do not know each friend see this child’s behavior have what want to say?Interested friends can comment on their own ideas.Thank you for your attention