Learning Tao Te Ching with the Methodology of “Practical Practice” (2)

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This article is the second chapter of the daodejing series by using the methodology of “practicing on matters”.If you have read 20% of the Tao Te Ching, you will know the Tao.Read 10% more of the Tao Te Ching and you will have “virtue”.In the so-called Tao Te Ching, most people agree that the first 37 chapters are tao Jing and the last 44 chapters are De Jing.But it doesn’t really make much sense, because the first 37 chapters have preaching, and the second 44 chapters have preaching.This article intends to analyze 8 chapters of Tao Te Ching and use another logic to tell you how to have “virtue”.Let’s first open the “Tao Te Ching” chapter 21: The capacity of Confucius and virtue, but the Tao follows.Tao is a thing, but intangling.In those things there is an image.There’s something in it.Here is a constancy of constancy.And very true, and in it is faith.Since now and ancient times, its name does not go, to read the cure.How do I know what the cure looks like?With this.In this chapter, we see the dreamy xi thing xi, yao xi xi familiar, that’s right, and chapter 4 deep xi cham xi and ji xi liao xi in chapter 25, from different aspects to describe the characteristics of “dao”.However, at the beginning of this chapter, the relationship between “De” and “Tao” is defined: Morality is dependent on Tao.Or to follow the Tao is to be virtuous.If further understanding is: “Tao” is the general law of all things, “de” is to follow the law, that is, to follow the “Tao”.To follow the Word is to be wise and virtuous.If you continue to read Chapter 51 of tao Te Ching, you will find further explanation from Lao Tzu: Tao is born, virtue and livestock are born, things are shaped, and power is formed.Is all things respect the way and your virtue.The honor of the road, de expensive, husband mo and often natural.The old way of life, virtue and livestock;Long to nurture;The poison of the pavilion;Keep it.Born without, not to rely on, long without killing.It is xuande.At the beginning of this chapter, Lao Tzu tells us: Tao gives birth to all things and moral education to all things.Then Lao Tzu said very sure: all things respect the tao and your virtue.At the end of this chapter, the concept of “Xuande” is introduced.What is xuande?Born without, not to rely on, long without killing.It is still about respecting the Tao that xuande is born by respecting the Tao completely and grows by respecting the Tao.In this chapter, the concept of “Xuande” was introduced. In fact, Lao Tzu introduced the concept of “superior virtue” in the previous chapter 38, which all mean the same thing, namely great virtue.Let’s see what Lao Tzu says in Chapter 38 of the Tao Te Ching?He told us: to be virtuous is not to be virtuous.The next virtue does not lose virtue, is no virtue.On virtue without thought, under virtue without thought.On benevolence for the thought, righteousness for the thought.On the ceremony for it and mo should, then bustling arm and throw it.Therefore, loss of virtue leads to virtue, loss of virtue leads to benevolence, loss of virtue leads to righteousness, loss of righteousness leads to propriety.Fu Li, the thin loyalty, and chaos of the first.The former wise, tao of China, and the beginning of a fool.Is a big man in its thick, not its thin;In fact, not in its China.So take one from another.This chapter is actually not very easy to understand.Especially at the beginning of the said, “on the virtue is not virtuous, with virtue.”People who are virtuous usually do not show formal virtue, which is true virtue.Not to show virtue is to follow the tao completely, which is the supreme virtue.Once the deliberate expression of virtue, such virtue is already under virtue, in Lao Tzu’s opinion, it is the performance of no virtue.Therefore, next, I further explain: the virtuous people inadvertently but do everything;Inferior virtuous people have intention but do nothing.This fits in well with our reality, and echoes the golden Circle rule I shared earlier: when we focus too much on the result, the result is not satisfactory;We usually get better results if we focus on the purpose.This is also the reason why we should practice on the matter when we read The Tao Te Ching.Of course, further reading is more wonderful, because Laozi clearly will be virtue, benevolence, righteousness, propriety clear stratification.No wonder Lao Tzu disdained the Confucian values of benevolence, righteousness and propriety, because they were too LOW in his eyes.That’s why Laozi came up with a famous conclusion: loss of virtue leads to virtue, loss of virtue leads to benevolence, loss of benevolence leads to righteousness, loss of righteousness leads to propriety.In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu basically only talks about tao and virtue, not about benevolence, righteousness and propriety.Therefore, we see an interesting phenomenon: Lao Tzu only talked about tao and virtue, Confucius mainly talked about benevolence, Mencius talked more about righteousness, and Xunzi talked more about rites. When xunzi’s disciples stopped even rites, they mainly talked about dharma.Therefore, The two core disciples of Xunzi, Han Fei and Li Si, were established as representatives of legalism.Can this also be understood as a reflection of moral decay, the collapse of rites and happiness?Now, we need to go one step further and turn to Chapter 55 of the Tao Te Ching to see that virtue is thicker than pure children.Insects do not sting, beasts do not according to, killing birds do not beat.Bone weak tendon soft and solid grip, unknown female with full 朘 as, fine to also.All day long and not rear, and to also.Know and yue chang, know often yue Ming, probiotic yue xiang, heart qi yue strong.Strong is old, that is not way, not way long ago.Are you surprised?Lao Tzu summed up the characteristics of a full-bodied person as being like a newborn baby.That’s amazing.But it makes a lot of sense when you think about it carefully. The characteristics of a newborn baby are given by God and not polluted by the day after birth. Therefore, the first sentence of The Doctrine of the Mean says that “nature is ordained by heaven”.We also often have my nature, which is exactly the character of the Tao.So childlike innocence is the most precious quality, because that is the way of return, and the way of return is of course a man of virtue.What happens if you don’t conform to the Tao?Lao Tzu said also very clear: strong is old, that is not way, not way long ago.Yes, not conforming to the Tao will kill you soon.If you don’t understand, go ahead to Chapter 28 of the Tao Te Ching, and you will know the male, guard the female, and lead the world.For the world stream, Changde, return to the baby.Know its white, keep its black, for the world type.For the world type, Changde not te, return to wuji.Know its honor, keep its shame, for the world grain.For the world valley, Changde is enough, return to Park.Pu SAN is a tool, sages use, is an official.So the big system does not cut.If chapter 40 of Tao Te Ching can be interpreted as the relativity of Tao, this chapter can be interpreted as the relativity of Virtue.Know what is strong, but choose weak;Know what is bright, but content;Knowing what glory is, yet willing to be humble.To put it bluntly, it means respecting the tao and doing it, not deliberately.In fact, there are differences in different versions of this chapter, especially on “knowing the white, guarding the black, as the world.”For the world type, changde not Te, return to the Infinite “these lines were added by later generations.In fact, it doesn’t matter what the specific version is. Even if a few more comparisons are added, the actual meaning is the same. Lao Tzu just let us understand what is respecting the Tao (virtue) by comparison.This is the theory of relativity.If we understand the “theory of relativity” of virtue, we can go further, we open the “Tao Te Ching” 54 chapter, see the good builders do not pull out, good embrace does not take off, descendants to sacrifice.Practice in the body, its virtue is true;Repair in the home, its virtue is more than;Repair in the township, its virtue is long;Repair of the state, its virtue is abundant;Repair in the world, its virtue is universal.Therefore to the body view body, to the home view home, to the township view township, to the state view state, to the world view the world.How do I know what’s going on?With this.This chapter has the famous “five sentences of Xiude”, do you have any familiar?Practice for the body, practice for the home, practice for the village, practice for the country, practice for the world.From oneself to the world, isn’t it to cultivate one’s morality, bring family order, run a country and bring peace to the world?Yes. Does it matter exactly how this passage is translated?It doesn’t matter at all. It’s more important to know that you start with self-cultivation than anything else.”University” said: from the son of Heaven to the concubine, one is based on self-cultivation.It seems that Taoism and Confucianism are thinking in this respect.In fact, if we follow the five lines of moral cultivation, we are virtuous people.But Lao Tzu is still afraid of us going astray, so we can open the “Tao Te Ching” 60 chapters, you can govern a big country, like cooking a small fish.To reach the world, the ghost is not god;Not its ghost not god, its god does not hurt;No god hurts no man, and no saint hurts no man.Husband and husband do not hurt each other, so Germany return yan.Governing a big country is like cooking a small fish.This phrase is very popular.I told us to stop messing around and just follow the path.If chapter 28 tells us what virtue means by “relativity”, it is what virtue means by “methodology”.When we practice on tasks, of course, we need to do big things, solve difficult problems, and finish key projects. But if we can follow the moral “methodology” taught by Lao Tzu, we can get back to the basics and find solutions to problems more easily.Now, let’s go back to the previous chapter, in chapter 59 of the Tao Te Ching, you will rule the human nature, Mo Ruo Sik.Fu Wei sik (morning service);Early service of virtue;Virtue is all grams;All grams do not know its pole;Do not know its pole, you can have a country.The mother of a country, can last.Is that deep roots in their long, long look at the way.Finally, you discover the truth of what Lao Tzu told us about the completeness of life: merit.Merit will prevail.Virtue is long kept.The accumulated “virtue” is “follow the tao”, the so-called “virtue” is “constantly follow the tao”.For details about the “Tao”, please read the previous article “Learning Tao Te Ching with the Method of” Practical Practice “(1).